We carefully consider what is served in our restaurants with the aim of contributing to a better and more sustainable environment. We are therefore extremely proud and pleased to be launching a new vegan gourmet burger at all hotels in the Quality Hotel™ chain in collaboration with Orkla FoodSolutions.

Bean burger

“Not only does it taste good, it’s also very easy to work with. So easy in fact that we are now making smash burgers with it and it’s working out really well.” Those are the words of André Johansson, Executive Chef at Quality Hotel™, talking about the fava bean, the main ingredient in the newly launched gourmet burger.

Fava beans, also known as broad beans, are a modern and delicious vegan alternative that are readily available. The bean burger, Naturli’ Burger Fava, is entirely plantbased and is also made of peas, in addition to fava beans. It’s juicy and tastes homemade, while also possessing a good texture and nice chewiness.

Quality Hotel Friends Restaurant Brasserie X_16_9Restaurang Brasserie X at Quality Hotel™ Friends is one of the places that will be serving the Naturli’ Burger Fava.

“The aim is for our plant-based products to be so delicious that they appeal to everyone. In order to make the transition to a greener future, we all need to choose to eat green several times a week, and you need something extraordinarily tasty in order to get people to dare to try something plant-based”, says Ellinor Persson, Marketing Manager at Orkla FoodSolutions, the company involved in developing the recipe.

This is well-aligned with our WeCare work and what we call "The Food Revolution”. And that is why we are so happy to present our collaboration with Orkla FoodSolutions, allowing us to work together to make a difference.

Wanna try it? Visit your nearest Quality Hotel™ and order one today!