From the spiers of the Middle Ages in Visby and Japanese baths in Sweden, to stunning architecture in the capital of Finland to the deep fjords of Norway - the Nordics offer plenty of conference facilities. We listed some of the coolest conference solutions that you need to experience at least once.



Yasuragi - Stockholm

Yasuragi: Japanese outdoor poolsJapanese baths at Yasuragi.

Yasuragi, isn't that a spa hotel?" you may wonder. That's right, it's actually one of Sweden's most renowned spa hotels at that. But we also offer conference facilities here, because what could be a better combo? Stressing down and calming your nervous system at the spa allows you to get in touch with those good business ideas that you just know are in your head somewhere.

Yasuragi: Conference room, MangaThe Manga conference room is painted in strong colours that activate the mind, and are decorated with Japanese manga figurines

The whole hotel is inspired by Japanese culture and architecture - everything from the Japanese baths to décor, food, courtyard, and the conference rooms - are fully enveloped in Japanese design. The small Manga meeting room is inspired by manga graphic design and decorated with invigorating colours and manga figurines. Fuji is a larger conference room, with a capacity of up to 400 guests. This room brings in the slightly calmer sides of Japanese culture, embellished with beautiful details.

Yasuragi: Conference room, FujiThe beautiful Fuji conference room is perfect for large events that seek that little extra.

A conference at Yasuragi includes entrance to the beautiful Japanese bath with various hot springs both indoors in stunning surroundings and outdoors in nature.

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  • 191 hotel rooms

  • 24 conference & meeting rooms

  • Restaurants: Teppanyaki Kiri, vegan Saishoku and two á la carte dining halls

  • Bars: Totoro Sake Bar and Cocktail Bar

  • Parking: Yes

Clarion Hotel® Wisby

Sommarbild Clarion Hotel Wisbys fasadClarion Hotel® Wisby, located in the middle of the medieval town of Visby.

Perfectly situated within the city wall in Visby lies Clarion Hotel® Wisby. Gotland, a magical island in the Baltic Sea, attracts tourists from all over the world every year due to its beautiful landscape and culture - especially during summer months. But you might not yet know that Clarion Hotel® Wisby
also offers amazing conference all year round.

outdoor-event-wisby-hotel-visbyTake some time to mingle and network in the beautiful courtyard outside Paviljongen.

Next to the hotel's medieval courtyard lies Paviljongen (the Pavilion), an outdoor space with room for 200-400 guests, depending on the concept of your conference. The idyllic courtyard beyond creates a relaxing atmosphere which also makes the perfect backdrop for weddings and baptisms.

Another beautiful option is the mesmerizing Spegelsalen (the Mirror Hall) with its classic design and practical setup. This room seats up to 150 guests. We recommend also having a look at Selma City Spa which you will also find at the hotel.

cl wisby conference meeting spegelsalenThe beautiful Spegelsalen has a classic, nostalgic charm.

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Clarion Hotel® Wisby:

  • 212 hotel rooms

  • 8 conference & meeting rooms

  • Restaurant: The Social Bar & Bistro

  • Bar: Living Room

  • Parking: Yes


Clarion Hotel® Trondheim

view_clarion_trondheim_16_9Stunning views from the sky bar at Clarion Hotel® Trondheim.

In Norway's third largest city you will find Clarion Hotel® Trondheim. The hotel is beautifully situated right by the Trondheim fjord, perfect for exploring the nearby city centre and the surrounding nature views. Within the hotel itself you will find a restaurant and sky bar with Trondheim's inarguably best view. The hotel just happens to also be one of Scandinavia's largest congress hotel, with conference facilities spanning 3 000 sqm in total.

hoff-panoramaHoff Panorama makes you wish you could "confer" forever.

Speaking of views, we offer the Hoff Panorama conference room on the ninth floor, with a spectacular panoramic view of the fjord. You will doubtlessly need a minute to take in and enjoy the beauty beyond before going ahead with the meeting of the day. The room has floor-to-ceiling windows and hosts up to 20 guests.

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Clarion Hotel® Trondheim:

  • 400 hotel rooms

  • 19 conference & meeting rooms

  • Restaurant: The Rooftop

  • Bar: Living Room

  • Parking: Yes


facade-the-thiefTHE THIEF's name mirrors the history of its location - called Tjuvholmen (the islet of thieves).

At Tjuvholmen in Oslo you will find the boutique hotel THE THIEF - a mesmerizing hotel filled with elegance and grace. The hotel looks out over the Oslo Fjord and is furnished with carefully selected design and art.

thieffjordElegant design extends throughout the hotel and into the Fjord meeting room.

If you are searching for something exclusive Fjord is your meeting room of choice. This room is luxuriously furnished and its large panoramic windows allow a great flow of light and creates a comfortable atmosphere. Like the name suggests the room faces the Oslo Fjord and even opens out into a private roof terrace with a 360 degree view of Oslo and the fjord. Fjord seats up to 40 guests, whereas the roof terrace accommodates up to 90 at a time.

THIEF ROOF FJORDA magnificent view from the exclusive roof terrace with access from Fjord.

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  • 116 hotel rooms

  • 6 conference & meeting rooms

  • Restaurant: Thief Roof Grill and Thief Foodbar

  • Bar: Thief Bar and Thief Roof Bar

  • Parking: No


Clarion Hotel® Helsinki

CL Helsinki: ExteriorClarion Hotel® Helsinki stretches to an astounding 78 metres above sea level.

Clarion Hotel® Helsinki stretches far above its neighbouring buildings. The beautiful tower offers a pool on the roof, a sky bar, restaurant and conference facilities, among plenty of other services.

CL Helsinki_ Conference room, viewA modern conference room with a fantastic view of Helsinki on the 16th floor.

CL Helsinki: Conference room, sunsetWith this view it will be hard to concentrate.

Ulappa is located on the 16th floor and seats up to 60 guests. This conference room features a modern design with floor-to-ceiling windows and a view to gasp at. As such, we cannot guarantee 100 % focus from all your guests will be on you, but we do promise that creativity and ideas will flow like never before.

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Clarion Hotel® Helsinki:

  • 425 hotel rooms

  • 14 conference & meeting room

  • Restaurant: The Social Bar & Bistro

  • Bars: Sky Room and Living Room

  • Parking: Yes