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WeCare - Sustainability at Strawberry

We share a tradition and culture of doing more than is expected — for our guests, our employees, the community and the environment. We call this work WeCare.

WeCare is about how in our daily operations we take care of people, the environment and profitability at the same time.

This means that we cannot be profitable without caring about people and the environment. But we also know that we cannot care about people and the environment without creating profitability.

We have mapped out how our hotels in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Lithuania affect the environment and the society around them. We have listened to our guests, suppliers and representatives for important society functions. We have then defined a few main areas where we will put extra focus in our sustainability efforts.


The main areas are:

  • Diversity among employees
  • Ethical and sustainable trade in our supply chain
  • Local social responsibility in our community
  • Environment
  • Good, healthy and sustainable food


We will create possibilities for people both in and out of our operations. We will run hotels so that they have the smallest environmental impact. We will make our guests feel a little bit better when they check out than when they checked in.

WeCare is part of our identity and our culture, and we are very proud of it.

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6 sustainability focus areas

To create a better world, we focus on 6 sustainability areas. Follow the links below to read about the different areas: what and how we impact, what our goals are, what we do in practice and what the results show so far.

3 main values

We have high goals and a broad commitment. Therefore, we measure our success based on 3 different areas: People, Planet and Profit. We would love to be evaluated on all three levels. Completely transparent. So you can sleep with a clear conscience.


The core of our culture is about the people that we surround ourselves with and meet everyday.


Reducing environmental impact is one of our most important tasks.


Sustainability and choices are a competitive edge and provide increased profitability.

WeCare in more numbers

Do you want detailed information about how the WeCare work is accomplished? Take a look at numbers, ambitions, percentages and development in black and white? Read Strawberry annual report and sustainability reports here.

Policies & Guidelines

As a member of Ethical Trade Norway, Strawberry is committed to actively working with due diligence assessments for responsible business conduct. The due diligence assessments are a risk-based approach to respect and protect people, society and the environment in our own business operations and throughout the supply chain. We expect our suppliers and partners to follow the same approach.
View our policies and guidelines:

Emission Report 2022

We have set a target of being completely carbon-neutral in our own operations by 2030. We also aim to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions throughout our supply chain by 50% by 2030. These are tough goals, and in order to to achieve them we need to establish where our emissions are being generated today. We're not hiding anything, so go ahead and read a summary of our emissions inventory for 2022. 

The report is in English.

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WeCare Annual Report 2022

WeCare's Annual Report provides information about the sustainability efforts of the biggest hotel chain in the Nordics. Learn about our key initiatives and our main focus within environmental and social responsibility, and how we work towards achieving our ambitions goals 2030.

Previous WeCare Annual Reports:
Open the WeCare Annual Report 2022 21
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