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Strawberry Mastercard

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Enjoy a range of benefits

With a Strawberry Mastercard, you'll receive bonus points, qualifying nights and much more! Please note this only applies to residents of Norway and Sweden.

Effective interest rate for a credit of 15,000 SEK / 12 months from 27,78% to 32,98% (32,98% with an annual fee of 595 SEK). Total cost from 16,984 to 17,284.

Full utilisation of financial benefits assumes the outstanding credit balance is paid on the due date and that no interest thus is incurred.

For those living in Sweden or Norway

In order to be able to get a Strawberry Mastercard and take advantage of all its benefits, you will need to be a resident of either Sweden or Norway. You will also need to be a member of Strawberry – and you can easily join here. To apply for the card in Sweden, click here. To apply for the card in Norway, click here.

Bonus points every time you use your card

We really want it to be worthwhile for our members to have a Strawberry Mastercard. It's not just like any other Mastercard - it should provide you with something more! Every time you pay using your card, you'll earn bonus points that can be used in our Points Shop. For example, if you pay for your hotel room using your card, you'll get 30 bonus points per 100 kronor spent.

How the bonus points are calculated

It's good to know that you'll get more bonus points if you use the card at our hotels, regardless of whether you're buying a chocolate bar in the reception or a fancy dinner in one of our restaurants. You'll also get 20 points per 100 kronor spent when you pay with your Strawberry Mastercard abroad and 2 qualifying nights for upgrades to the next membership level if you use your card every month.

Keep track of your transactions

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Members experience more

There are only benefits of becoming a member

Discounted overnight stays. Early access to great offers and news. Bonus points to give you free nights. Free coffee – whenever you like. Join 2.6 million others and become a member!