About Strawberry

What is Strawberry?

Strawberry is a portal to a world of hotels, meetings, restaurants and spas. And members can enjoy a range of additional benefits at the same time. You can use our website and app to find opportunities all over the Nordics - our goal is to fill your life with fun, meaningful and exciting experiences.

Strawberry is not just any company! We're a rebel within the hotel industry - a rebel with a warm heart. Our company is founded upon three important and interconnected pillars: People, Planet & Profit.


A fundamental part of our culture is about the people whom we surround ourselves with and meet every day. We have two strategic focus areas for this - diversity and development.


Reducing our environmental impact and caring for our planet are some of our most important tasks. Our goal is to be climate-neutral in our own operations by 2030. We have two strategic focus areas to enable us to achieve this - buildings and food & drink.


We believe that every krona earned in an ethical and responsible way is worth more. That is what lies at the very core of our philosophy, which includes three fundamental pillars: People, Planet & Profit.

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A universe of experiences

We have a clear ambition to create an ecosystem of experiences across the Nordics. We will combine these with even more external partners and benefits for our members. That is what Strawberry is ultimately about – a universe of experiences!

Vision and values

Energy, courage and enthusiasm

Our business is built on three core values – energy, courage and enthusiasm. We strive to be a different kind of company – a rebel within the hotel industry – with a warm heart. And our goal goes far beyond a desire to change the hotel industry. We want to make the world a better place in which to live, work and travel.

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Let's change the world for the better

Strawberry has a vision to make the world a better place. With our philosophy to never settle and always push for change, our mission is clear. We want to explore new and more sustainable solutions, and make Room for All. There are two things we value more than anything – our people and our planet.

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Join Strawberry

We are a bunch of unique individuals, led by energy, courage and enthusiasm. Together we create extraordinary experiences every single day!

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Members experience more

There are only benefits of becoming a member

Discounted overnight stays. Early access to great offers and news. Bonus points to give you free nights. Free coffee – whenever you like. Join 2.6 million others and become a member!