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Chefs cooking in an open kitchen at a restaurant.

Some of the best in the Nordics

Restaurants and bars


Food, drink and thousands of delicious flavours

Frida Ronge in the kitchen at UNN in Stockholm.

Frida Ronge

Restaurants in Stockholm

Jimmy Øien chef at restaurant Rest in Oslo Norway.

Oslo's star chef

Jimmy Øien interview

Cheers with ice drinks at Icebar in Stockholm.

ICEBAR Stockholm

A cool cold bar


Find your next foodie adventure! The Nordics offers a great range of culinary journeys, regardless of whether you fancy a staycation or a trip to a neighbouring country.

Time for Christmas Dinner

Time for Christmas Dinner

Choose between all kinds of Christmas dinner buffets in the Nordics. Find out what’s available and book here.

Served right now

Colorful thai food at Boon Nam in Helsinki.Cocktails at restaurant Ekspedisjonshallen in Oslo.Dinner serving at restaurant Izakaya in Stockholm.Freshly baked cinnamon buns at bakery Rug in Copenhagen

Boon Nam




The restaurant scene in Sweden has been flourishing for a while now. If you’re seeking exciting gastronomic experiences, look no further! You’ll have everything from famous sausage stands to exclusive Michelin dining experiences to look forward to.

A world-class Chinese dining experience

A world-class Chinese dining experience

Restaurant Fei – located on the tenth floor with a breathtaking view of the Göta River, Fei offers an authentic Chinese culinary journey that will leave a lasting impression.



A hub for international food. Are you looking for an exciting restaurant or bar in Norway? We’ll help you find the best food and drinks experiences.

Great food and drink with views of Frogner

Great food and drink with views of Frogner

Enjoy classic Japanese dishes made with Nordic ingredients at Izakaya in Oslo.


Sofia B Olsson made a culinary success out of invasive oysters

Meet Sofia – chef at the popular VRÅ

Meet Sofia – chef at the popular VRÅ

Read about the chef in Gothenburg who waded into the sea to collect the gigantic Japanese oysters that invaded the West Coast – when no one else wanted to do so.

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