Michelin-starred restaurants, great shopping, location and price – these are just some of the factors that can make a city a favourite destination. Street food is another, and an exciting one at that – especially when the city is Malmö!

Food from the restaurant Kontrast
Here comes curious, hungry guests looking to try authentic Indian cuisine

Malmö – the Scanian falafel heaven

Perhaps you’ve already heard the word ‘falafel’ mentioned in connection with Malmö? For good reason – in this Scanian city just across the bridge from Copenhagen, falafel is almost as popular as it is in the Le Marais district of Paris. Who serves the best changes often. When we last visited the city it was Jalla Jalla at Bergsgatan 16, but our Malmö sources tell us that the neighbouring establishment, Iranian Tandoor, is now the place to go. Syrian Shamiat – also found in Bergsgatan by the melting pot that is Möllevångstorget – also receives high praise.

Shamiat in MalmöTwo classics at Shamiat: Nakanek, Syrian sausage and tabbouleh, and parsley salad. Photo: Bobo Olsson / Nights

Freshly-baked, filling favourites at Tandoor

Tandoor’s premises are small, but still manage to house a few seats, a charcoal grill, a dough machine, a bakery oven and two classic Persian tandoors. The bakers work quickly, and the mouth-watering smell of freshly-baked Iranian naan and samoon bread permeates the premises.

Tandoor in MalmöAt Tandoor, all the breads are freshly-baked. Photo: Bobo Olsson / Nights

Möllevångstorget is definitely the place to go if you’re looking for the city’s best street food. Turkish, Iranian and Syrian specialities can all be experienced here. And if you’d rather sit down to enjoy a traditional meal, the area also contains plenty of tempting Indian, Lebanese and Japanese restaurants, so you’re guaranteed to find something to satisfy your taste buds!

Authentic Indian at Kontrast

Möllevångstorget is also home to Kontrast, an Indian restaurant offering cuisine from the Punjab region. The restaurant’s owners, Anamica and Roger Persson, have previously worked as a sommelier and chef at several Michelin-starred restaurants in Copenhagen, but are now living their dream of serving authentic Indian dishes to Malmö’s inhabitants and visitors.

Kontrast in Malmö*Kontrast’s owners prepare authentic Indian dishes. Photo: Bobo Olsson / Nights

Many of the dishes are vegetarian, and the owners tell us that they’re fully-booked every evening. Here comes curious, hungry guests looking to try authentic Indian cuisine, rather than the version of Indian food Sweden has inherited from the English. Everything is fresh, filling and delicious – and unmistakably Indian.

Lebanese and Japanese delicacies

If you’re a fan of Lebanese food, mezze specialist Occo on Drottningtorget is well worth a visit. The restaurant is attractively decorated with antique copper lamps and beautiful ceiling drapes.

Occo in MalmöOcco is the perfect place to enjoy a long, late mezze dinner. Photo: Bobo Olsson / Nights

In the same quarter as Occo you’ll also find Japanese Kagami. This is a cosy and unique restaurant with blood-red furniture and dark tables. The walls are covered with over 500 mirrors, and down some steps you’ll find a small, natural waterfall, where guests can wash their hands before and after eating.

Kagami in MalmöThe unique interior of Japanese restaurant Kagami. Photo: Bobo Olsson / Nights

Mexican and South-American at Eatery Social Taqueria

You’ll also find Malmö’s street food at Clarion Hotel® Malmö Live. Everyone is welcome, regardless of whether or not you’re staying at the hotel! On the ground floor you’ll find the Eatery Social Taqueria, serving food inspired by the cuisines of Mexico, South-America and the USA – and, of course, Malmö itself. If you plan to visit on a weekend it’s a good idea to book a table, as the restaurant is popular among Malmö’s locals. Exciting tacos and generously-stuffed quesadillas are on the menu, and best enjoyed with a thirst-quenching agua frescas and Mezcal. And as an extra tip – after your meal, be sure to take the lift up to the hotel’s sky bar on the 25th floor, 85 metres above sea level. Here you can conclude your evening with a relaxing drink as you take in the fantastic views of the city.

Sunset at the Clarion Hotel® Malmö LiveEnjoy the sunset from the 25th floor of the Clarion Hotel® Malmö Live.

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