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Borås Sweden

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Conference and meeting rooms in Borås

If you are hosting a meeting, conference or event in Borås, our conference hotels offer centrally located venues for all occasions. With only 5 minutes to Borås Resecentrum, you can easily get to Gothenburg and Landvetter airport.

If you are having a smaller conference or board meeting, the meeting rooms at Comfort Hotel® Jazz, located by Borås main street, are perfect. Here, you and your conference colleagues can have lunch or end the meeting with a delicious dinner and a glass of wine at Brasseriet, a popular restaurant in the same building.

Next door to Stadsparken, Quality Hotel™ Grand, Borås is ready with a modern conference facility, suitable for all kinds of meetings, workshops, conferences, fairs, kick-offs, mingle, launches and parties. If you require catering for your meeting or event, we will of course meet your requirements, regardless of whether you require a simple coffee and tea or a celebratory evening with a three-course dinner. The hotel also features a spa and a popular nightclub.

As an old textile city, Borås is now home to an e-commerce centre, primarily in the textile industry, with companies such as H&M Online and Gina Tricot. Here is also the Textile Institute, and you can visit the Textile Fashion Centre and Textile museum. Art, sculpture and street art also put their mark on the city, which has a rich cultural life with many galleries, exhibitions and museums. Only two kilometres away is Borås Djurpark, a zoo with both Nordic and African animals.

From both our conference hotels it’s a short walk to street life, shopping and restaurants. Why not go for a stroll in the most popular park in Borås, Stadsparken, between meetings?

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1 hotel match your search
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