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Beating cancer together with Cancerfonden

Cancerfonden have a clear vision of beating cancer. You can now donate your bonus points to help their important work. Thank you for your support!

Strawberry and Cancerfonden are proud to be collaborative partners

Regardless of who you are or where you live, cancer is something that sadly affects all of us. Perhaps you know someone who has cancer - perhaps you yourself have been affected. We all recognise the importance of research in the fight against cancer - both for prevention and cure. Being able to support the work of the national cancer societies is something that is extremely important to us. That is why you, as a member, now have the option to donate your bonus points to the national cancer societies.

This is what Cancerfonden say about our work together:

We are proud to have Strawberry as a partner. It is important for the national cancer societies to have solid partners with good values, who share our messages in both word and deed. At the same time, we know that many of your guests wants to support our work through donations. Now that this is possible, we will be able to do even more important research and care work, while at the same time we can focus on cancer prevention.

About Cancerfonden

By funding the foremost research, disseminating knowledge about cancer and influencing decision makers on important issues, Cancerfonden works to reduce the number of people affected and increase those who survive. The national cancer societies is an independent, non-profit organisation with no state support. Their work is entirely dependent on donations from individuals and companies.

How to donate your bonus points

Decide how many bonus points you want to donate. Donations can be made from 2,500 points, the equivalent of 100 SEK.