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Earn bonus points on cruises

As a member of Strawberry you earn bonus points when you book a cruise with Royal Caribbean. Experience several exciting destinations in the Mediterranean, Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean.

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Regardless of your member level, the duration of the trip and number of passengers included in your booking, you receive 15,000 bonus points per booking. The offer only applies to new bookings. Are you a BLUE member? With 15,000 bonus points in your account, you’re automatically upgraded to SILVER member!

How to book a cruise and earn bonus points

You book your cruise at Royal Caribbean’s website. To earn bonus points, please contact Royal Caribbean’s customer service department by phone or via email within 3 days after making your booking and provide your membership number. If you are booking a cruise for more than four persons, you have to book through Royal Caribbean Customer Service at + 47 815 00 185. Make sure to tell them you are a member of Strawberry, and quote your membership number.

The points will be posted to your account at the time of departure of the cruise.

PS! You can find your membership number when you log in to My Page on our website and at the very top of our newsletters.

Experience the Caribbean with Royal Caribbean

A cruise is a fantastic way to experience the Caribbean with exciting experiences, exquisite beaches, turquoise waters and lush palm trees.

For many people, a trip to the Caribbean is a dream come true – just imagine waking up in this stunning paradise every morning!

As a member of Strawberry, you can earn 15,000 bonus points on cruises with Royal Caribbean.