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Get a security system from Sector Alarm and earn bonus points!

Have you considered getting a security system for your home? Sector Alarm’s start package now includes free installation, as well as 30,000 bonus points!

About Sector Alarm

Sector Alarm was established in Norway in 1995 and has since then developed to become the second largest alarm company in Europe. The company delivers security to its customers through alarm solutions for homes and small businesses. Sector Alarm has more than 650,000 satisfied customers across Europe.

Sector Alarm has:

  • All-inclusive home security No hidden costs - the package includes free product maintenance, security guard visits and a comprehensive product warranty. Indefinite contract which can be cancelled at any time.

  • State-of-the-art technology We deter burglars, respond fast and keep you safe thanks to our award-winning technology.

  • Exceptional customer service Your safety relies on our being there when you need us. Our customers have awarded us 4.8/5 stars for satisfaction.

Get 30,000 bonus points with a safe and smart security system!

A home security system is a smart solution to protect you from break-ins and fires. Order now and get free installation, as well as 30,000 bonus points, with Sector Alarm’s start package!

Switch on to switch off - wherever and whenever

With Sector Alarm’s connected security system, your home will be protected from break-ins and fires every single day, all throughout the year. Sector Alarm’s start package includes both cameras and smoke detectors, connection to a 24/7 response centre, as well as free call-outs.

As a member of Strawberry, you can also earn 30,000 bonus points when you order via the link below. Go ahead and take advantage of this great offer today!

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The price includes installation of Sector Alarm's start package and additional subscription fees apply. The bonus points will be transferred to your Strawberry account 20 days after installation.