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Become a member of Squeeze and get 5,000 bonus points + earn bonus points every month

Treat yourself to some well-deserved time-out while also earning bonus points in the process! New members of Squeeze can now get 5,000 bonus points as a welcome gift, as well as 495 points every month!

NB! Please note that this offer only applies to members who are resident in Norway.

New members of Squeeze can now get bonus points for Strawberry. You’ll receive 5,000 bonus points six months after you register as a member of Squeeze. And for every month of your paid Squeeze membership, you’ll receive another 495 bonus points. All new Squeeze members will also receive a free 50-minute massage when they join.

About Squeeze

Squeeze gives you access to fabulous massages on a regular basis. Professional massage therapists will adapt the massages to suit your specific needs and wishes. You can tell your massage therapist exactly what you would like them to focus on during your treatment. A standard 25-minute massage will primarily focus on your neck and back, while a standard 50-minute session is a full body massage.

Squeeze is aiming for more people to experience the benefits of regular massage by professional therapists and therefore offers monthly memberships at fixed low rates. If you don’t have time to use the monthly treatment that is included in your membership, you can use it at a later date.

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Other Squeeze membership benefits:

  • 25-minute massage (included every month)
  • Save treatments (unused treatments are transferred to following month)
  • Refer a friend (both get a free massage)
  • No minimum subscription time (one month’s notice)
  • Membership rates (save money on every massage)

In the event of price increases, the number of bonus points will be adjusted accordingly. Bonus points are not awarded for massages purchased in addition to the included 25-minute monthly massage.

Become a Squeeze member and earn points

When you become a member of Squeeze, you’ll get bonus points as a welcome gift, as well as a monthly bonus! Squeeze gives you regular monthly massages by professional massage therapists. You’ll find Squeeze in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, Drammen and Ski with a total of 31 clinics.

How it works

A Squeeze membership costs 495 NOK per month and includes a relaxing 25-minute massage and some welcome time out! When you link up your membership with an existing Squeeze membership or you register as a new member, you’ll get 495 bonus points for every month that you’re a paying member. For new Squeeze members, this is available from the second month, since the first month is free and gives you a 50-minute massage.

In addition to receiving 495 bonus points for every month that you’re a paying member, you’ll receive an additional 5,000 bonus points six months after you register, as a new member. New members of Squeeze will thus have received 7,475 bonus points (2,475 for five months of the paid subscription and another 5,000 after six months). The monthly bonus continues as long as you are a member of Squeeze.

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