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Chef serving food at Eppel Bar & Restaurant in Sogndal.

Great food and delicious drinks in scenic Sogndal

Sogndal offers fantastic mountain views and a wide range of activities for those who love being out in nature. After a long day on a bike, boat or on a hiking trail, there are many bistros, restaurants and bars to choose from for great food and delicious drinks.

Bars and restaurants in the best location

Quality Hotel™ Sogndal has Sognefjorden's best location and is a perfect choice for those who want to be close to everything Sogndal has to offer. The hotel has no fewer than three restaurants with adjoining bars. Eppel Bar & Restaurant serves classic European cuisine, while Vågal Burger & Gin serves tasty burgers and steaks. La Pergola instead has an Italian focus with pizza and pasta on the menu.

Sogndal has flavours from the whole world

In the heart of central Sogndal, you'll find a wide array of restaurants and bistros offering fantastic fish and seafood dishes. Beyond that, you also have the chance to sample cuisine from various parts of Europe, Latin America, Italy, and Asia. In other words, you can be entirely confident that your stay in Sogndal will be fulfilling—catering to both the nature enthusiast and the gourmet in you.


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