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Two people eating breakfast with a magic view at Funken Lodge in Svalbard.

Eating out in Svalbard – delicious food and drink

The whole of Svalbard has only 2,600 inhabitants, and approximately 2,300 of them live in Longyearbyen. Despite the town's low population, there's an impressive number of restaurants and bars. You'll be impressed by the broad culinary selection, which makes this something of a foodies' paradise.

Visit some of Norway's best restaurants

Svalbard serves food from all over the world, with many of the restaurants focusing on exciting local ingredients and dishes. If you want to try arctic food, such as reindeer, fish, seal and whale, you've come to the right place. If some in your group aren't up to it, there are of course restaurants that offer both Norwegian cuisine and international dishes. For top-class fine dining, there's only one place: Funktionærmessen.

Delicious cocktails and wines

Svalbard's pubs and bars are popular with both tourists and locals year round. If you're planning a trip to Svalbard, we recommend Hotel Funken Lodge, which not only offers great accommodation, but also tastings of wine from its own wine cellar. After enjoying one, head to the Funken Bar and enjoy a delicious cocktail. There are of course several more bars where you can enjoy a relaxing glass of wine or nice beer outside in the streets of central Svalbard.


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