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Aerial photo of Quality Hotel Ulstein and surroundings

Popular restaurants and bars in Ulsteinvik

In charming Ulsteinvik, on Sunnmøre, eating out is a treasured tradition, with many great restaurants in the town offering plenty of choice. Discover the perfect combination of nature and delicious food.

A wealth of choice to eat

The charming town of Ulsteinvik on Sunnmøre offers not only an idyllic natural setting, but also a wide variety of restaurants catering for all tastes and budgets. This wealth of choice is the result of a tradition of eating out that continues to this day. Here, you will find Norwegian/Swiss food, sushi and dumplings, a coffee bar and sports bar, Asian dishes, pizza and bakeries, right on your doorstep. In other words, no matter how hungry you are or what you fancy, you will find something here!

Proximity to Ålesund

If you want to enjoy a memorable meal with fantastic views, then look no further than Pir Bar & Restaurant down by the wharf. Or, you could take a short trip to Ålesund, which is less than 5 miles away, and explore one of Norway's most beautiful towns. Here, you will also find a wealth of choice, with plenty of places to eat and drink as you savour the distinctive Art Nouveau style that characterises the town.


Restaurants & Bars


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