People at cosy restaurant in Sweden.

Food and drink in the Swedish culinary world

The Swedish restaurant scene is renowned for its excellence in cooking and providing exciting dining experiences. Sweden's culinary prowess has been globally recognized, and not just for its plethora of Michelin-starred dining destinations.

One of the world's top food nations

Sweden boasts a culinary culture that is both delectable and nourishing, with the added benefit of affordability. With the increasing popularity of dining out, a multitude of new restaurants are cropping up across our elongated nation. Culinary inspiration and flavours are now readily available from all corners of the globe, with authentic Neapolitan pizza or steaming fresh Pad Thai often just a stone's throw away.

Find your next dining experience

What would you like to try this time? Savour traditional Nordic flavours in a modern bistro setting? Experience authentic Chinese cuisine in a vibrant restaurant on the tenth floor, boasting stunning sea views? Or maybe indulge in a succulent burger at a mellow and intimate bar? Whether you seek a central Stockholm cocktail bar or a lively and colourful Mexican food experience in Malmö, you'll find it all here.