Colorful drink at restaurant NÒR.

Exciting taste experiences in Borås

Borås is a cultural city halfway between Jönköping and Gothenburg. In the colourful city centre, you'll find lots of restaurants and bars, each with its own identity. Are you looking for a nicer dinner in a romantic setting, delicious drinks and upbeat music, or something simple and child-friendly?

Explore a range of international flavours

The streets of Borås offer a large selection of both Asian and European eateries. Lots of central restaurants have beautiful views of Viskan and the city. In Borås, it's just as easy to find a child-friendly restaurant as it is to find a busy bar with a party atmosphere and generous opening hours. There's something for everyone in Sweden's textile city!

Food and drink in an atmosphere you love

Whatever your preferences, there's guaranteed to be a restaurant, bar, brasserie or café in Borås that meets your needs. NÒR Borås serves Nordic dishes with international influences in an inviting modern environment, and with a fantastic view of Viskan. Welcome to Borås – whether you fancy fika, a relaxing glass of wine or a three-course dinner, we're happy to have you.


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