Clarion Hotel Wisby in the evening light at Visby, Gotland

Visby – a fabulous city with restaurants and bars galore

Enjoy this incredible foodie destination full of exciting bars and restaurants! Sit back and relax as you head off on a culinary adventure in the fabulous city of Visby, enjoying plenty of local and seasonal produce.

A unique food destination

Visby is well known for its diverse range of restaurants and bars - it's a real must for foodies. Visitors can look forward to high quality establishments, a sustainable food philosophy and of course fabulous ingredients! The wide selection of fresh produce has attracted numerous culinary artists to Visby, resulting in a hub of exciting new food concepts. Regardless of whether you're seeking a fine dining experience or a burger on the go, Visby will not disappoint! Welcome to a truly unique food destination.

Quality local produce

Gotland is all about making use of locally sourced produce. The restaurant scene reflects the mild, sunny climate on the island, providing the ideal conditions both for growing crops and raising livestock. Menus typically feature seasonal vegetables, meat from farms around the island and fabulous local wines. Make sure to visit the wonderful farm shops brimming with incredible crops and heaps of inspiration, straight from the grower.

Classic Gotland

Gotland's amazing nature and history make their presence felt both on your plate and in the interior design at the many restaurants and bars on the island. Experience everything from rustic décor to classic local fare. Think smoked flounder, saffron pancakes with dewberry jam and sand leek soup - often prepared with a modern twist. You'll also find plenty of eateries serving more international cuisine - but that Gotland touch is always there, be it in form of fabulous local produce or the warm hospitality.


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