Rooftop pool at hotel Villa Copenhagen.

Spa and wellness in Denmark – leave life at home

You don't have to go far to find relaxation and well-being. In our neighbouring country, Denmark, there are lots of luxurious spa hotels! No matter where in the country you are, you can count on finding the perfect spot in which to relax, either for a whole weekend or just a few hours.

Treat yourself to nice seaside experiences

Many of Denmark's spa hotels are beautifully located on the water, which is hardly a coincidence. The sea is known to have a special effect on us humans – it's just calming to hear the sound of the waves and watch the sun's rays reflect off the water. In the areas around Limfjorden, Lillebælt and Vejle Fjord, you'll find lots of luxurious spa hotels that have the sea as their closest neighbour, and of course fantastic relaxation areas.

A spa hotel in the heart of the capital

Travelling from Kastrup? Or just booking a spa weekend in beautiful Copenhagen? Ni'mat Spa's definitely worth a visit, whether you just want to recharge before a flight or spend an entire weekend in luxurious surroundings. Here you can swim in heated pools and treat yourself to exclusive spa treatments. Villa Copenhagen is also a popular spa hotel in central Copenhagen that offers a rooftop pool, sauna experiences and access to a state-of-the-art gym.


Wellness facilities