Have a stopover on the right side of Öresund Strait and discover what the charming city of Helsingborg has on offer! Wonderful walks in Sofiero Castle and Garden, golden sand, local food traditions, dance and music in wonderful settings! Welcome to the county of Skåne!

View from archway in Helsingborg Castle

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1. Step into the royal summer residence at Sofiero

Sofiero slott Helsingborg in summertimeFoto: Sofiero.se

Sofiero is a wonderful destination for the whole family with both a castle and beautiful gardens. The gardens are attractive with seasonal flowers and you can explore the rooms and halls of the castle where the royal couple, the princesses and the prince once lived, as Sofiero was their summer residence. On his death in 1973, King Gustaf VI Adolf bequeathed Sofiero to the city of Helsingborg to ensure everyone now can enjoy the charming castle and its interesting history.

In the garden you will find Sofiero Slottsrestaurang, which is ranked as one of Sweden’s best restaurants, as well as the palace shop and Sofiero’s nursery where you can buy souvenirs, chocolates and flowers. Children have a lot of uproarious fun at “Sofiero for Children”, where they can run around on the large green lawns, play at the playground and hide in the labyrinth – just like princesses and princes used to do.

2. Enjoy beach life at Tropical Beach

Tropical-Beach--Helsingborg-Anna-Alexandra-Olsson Caribbean? Helsingborg!? Foto: Anna Alexandra Olsson

Are you in the Caribbean or in Helsingborg? It’s hard to know at Tropical Beach. The beach, located furthest out on Parapeten in the North Harbour is a popular site in Helsingborg, both among locals and visitors. Here you’ll find a restaurant and a bar, as well as golden sand and tropical palm trees. This is the place to hang out during warm summer days when all you want to do is to stay cool, go for a swim and then relax with a refreshing piña colada in your hand!

3. Meet some cute friends at Tropikariet

tropikariet-ape-looking-at-camera Animal species of all sorts, including meerkats, monkeys, sharks and crocodiles at Tropikariet. Foto: Tropikariet

Tropikariet in Helsingborg is an incredibly popular destination for young and old alike. At this exotic indoor zoo, you can dive into the water and experience the coral reef of the Maldives, carefully walk around in a moonlit rainforest, as well has visit a flock of meerkats in Madagascar. Can it get any more magical? Tropikariet is home to animal species from all over the world and has many exiting sections where you can learn more about the animals and their habitat in a fun way.

4. Get into some boisterous fun at Busfabriken

Arriving at Busfabriken in Helsingborg is like stepping into a child’s dream world with a mix of exhilarating rope bridges, climbing structures, giant balls, jumping castles, slides, trampolines, ball pits and peddle cars. This place is fun any day of the week and particularly if the rain is pouring down outside.

Kitchen-table-clarion-grand-helsingborgThe Social Bar & Bistro at Clarion Grand Hotel® Helsingborg

Close by you’ll find the charming restaurant The Social Bar & Bistro at Clarion Grand Hotel® Helsingborg where you can sit down in a relaxing atmosphere and enjoy delicious food. This is a perfect end to a day of active and playful fun.

5. Enjoy the amazing views from Kärnan

Karnan slott curved entrance and stairs Helsingborg Foto: Ole Jais

Kärnan is one of Helsingborg's most famous landmarks and offers you amazing views of the city and Öresund Strait. The tower is 35 meters high and was built as a defence tower over 700 years ago. Book a guided tour or discover the tower on your own using an audio self-guide. The adventure inviting spiral staircase takes you up through four floors before finally reaching the roof terrace with its fantastic views!

6. Fredriksdal and Mikaeli marknad

Mikaeli marknad man selling groceries HelsingborgFoto: Anders Ebefeldt

Fredriksdal is a lovely open-air museum, one of Sweden's largest actually. It is a perfect site for an excursion in Helsingborg if you want to enjoy nature and learn about the local culture and get to see the charming old town district. Stroll around herb and rose gardens, or visit the farm animals at the farm house. If you are in Helsingborg during autumn, you may want to visit the historic harvest festivity Mikaeli marknad. At the market you’ll have many opportunities to try local traditional foods, explore crafts, dance and music, which is all mixed in a beautiful setting - a great experience for the whole family!

Tips on accommodation in central Helsingborg

EDIThotel-lobby-clarion-grand-helsingborgClarion Grand Hotel® Helsingborg

If you wish to combine you visit to Helsingborg with a pleasant stay at a hotel, there are several centrally located hotels to choose from. Clarion Grand Hotel® Helsingborg is, for example, a grand and stylish hotel located at square Stortorget and within walking distance to most of the city’s sites and attractions.

Trendy hotel Comfort Hotel® Helsingborg is also a perfect location for excursions in Helsingborg with only 500 metres to Helsingborg Central Station and a stone’s throw from the city’s shops, restaurants and bars. Clarion Hotel® Sea U is Helsingborg’s largest hotel with breathtaking views over Öresund and Denmark.

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See all of our hotels in Helsingborg and pick your favourite!