Forget Tivoli in Copenhagen – Bakken is just as fun

The Bakken amusement park, just outside Copenhagen, is a haven of laughter and joy for both young and old. Here, 33 attractions can turn a family outing into a dream day. Bakken is the world's oldest amusement park.

  • Candy floss, laughter, rides and memories. For young mum Anette Wilhelmsen, sharing experiences with her children is extremely important.

  • And in the quest for children's laughter and 100 percent happiness for the whole family, nothing compares to Dyrehavsbakken - also known as Bakken.

  • A lovely and intimate amusement park situated in beautiful surroundings just 20 minutes north of Copenhagen.

  • "Like any other young family, it's important to take a timeout from work, school and everyday stress. Doing things together is incredibly important. Not just for the children, but for us adults too...

  • "Nothing brings more joy than being able to laugh and play with our loved ones," says Anette.

  • The family laughs loudly and for a long time. A bouncing kangaroo ride has set off Emilia, Tyra, Aksel, and mum Anette's laughter muscles.

  • Now they're on the hunt for their next adventure, but first, it's time for some candy floss. The girls choose a pink and a blue one.

  • "This is the life," they shout in unison, while savouring their treat.

The world's oldest amusement park

The history of Bakken dates back to 1583 when the park began as a gathering place for people seeking fresh spring water, which in turn attracted numerous entertainers and street vendors looking to earn a little cash. Over the years, more and more attractions and performers have appeared in the park, prompting Dyrehavsbakken to call itself the world's oldest amusement park.

In addition to the park's many roller coasters, you can also try a wealth of attractions such as bumper cars, ghost trains, and spinning teacups. Children can enjoy rides, jeep driving, mini trains, playgrounds, and ferris wheels, and meet the park's mascot, the clown Pjerrot.

If you're into classic details, don't miss a ride on Rutschebanen, the park's oldest wooden roller coaster from 1932, much loved among enthusiasts of historical roller coasters. The outdoor stage hosts cabaret performances as well as concerts by both well-known and lesser-known artists.

Perhaps the best thing about the park is that entry is free for everyone.

There's room for all.

  • Take your time in the park

    After a bite at one of the many restaurants and fast-food places in the park, Anette and the children are ready for more attractions. It's essential to take your time at Bakken. There is something for everyone and everyone should be satisfied.

  • "What should we try now?" asks Anette.

  • Tyra, Emilia, and Aksel bubble over with enthusiastic suggestions.

  • "We'll go on the big ride, or try a new roller coaster, or maybe the haunted house."

  • The list is long, and the children spur each other on.

  • "We'll try them all," laughs mum Anette as they rush off in search of more fun and laughter.

Boy eating blue cotton candy at amusement park Bakken in Copenhagen.Mother and son riding a carousel at amusement park Bakken, in Copenhagen. Kids eating candy at amusement park Bakken in Copenhagen.



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