The Finnish Snapchat trendsetter Joonas Pesonen is bringing his slippers and plants and moving into the Clarion Hotel® Helsinki and sister hotel Clarion Hotel® Aviapolis - and he will stay in these hotels for a whole year.

Joonas Pesonen Clarion Hotel Helsinki
The Finnish social media influencer Joonas Pesonen in front of Clarion Hotel® Helsinki

In a competition for Finnish social media influencers, Joonas Pesonen became the eventual winner of a rather unusual stay at Clarion Hotel®: For a whole year from 1 February 2019, Joonas (and his plants) will be staying at two of our hotels in Helsinki - Clarion Hotel Helsinki and Clarion Hotel Aviapolis. It gives him plenty of time to find out if a hotel room can feel like a home, and his social media followers will be a part of this insight.


Joonas is known in Finland for being a trendsetter on Snapchat, and in 2017 he was named Finland's most positive influencer during the Finnish Blog Awards.

See the video where Joonas himself tells us about the stay:

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Do you dream of becoming a little bit of a celebrity? Come along to Clarion Hotel in Helsinki, and you may be able to sneak into the background of Joonas's Instagram story. Or as he himself encourages you to do in the video above: have a drink with him in the sky bar in the skybar at Clarion Hotel Helsinki or maybe a cup of coffee at breakfast.