All of us here at Strawberry are curious about the future. And we believe that we can work together with you to set a new standard for employee development with our newly started Boomerang exchange programme.

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Interested in Nordic Choice Hotels, eBerry and Boomerang? Read about the exchange programme here,

By tying disruptive start-ups to Strawberry, and starting an exchange programme, we believe that we have an opportunity to anticipate future guest demands and thereby reach our vision to create the best digital guest journey in the world. Most importantly, this will also enable us to motivate, attract, develop and retain our most valued assets – our employees.

Why did we start this programme?

The background of the Boomerang exchange programme is a strong belief that cooperation is the best way to meet the future. We also believe that there are numerous benefits to be gained from exchanges between our companies.

Are you bold and curious?

If the answer is YES, then let’s sit down and have a chat about our exchange programme and WHY this is a win-win opportunity for both our companies.

Does this sound like something that could be interesting for you and your company? Then get in touch and we can schedule a meeting to go through everything in more detail.

Please contact: Peter Olofsson, Director of Commercial Distrubution, at, or Henrik Zahl, Sr Digital Marketing Specialist, at if you have any questions or you would like to book a meeting.

Or maybe you are looking for a job? Please check our available jobs here.

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Facts about eBerry

  • Owner: Strawberry
  • Number of employees: 180
  • CEO: Lisa Farrar
  • Office in Stockholm och Oslo
  • Responsibilities:
    • Technical development & innovation, Loyalty & CRM, Digital sales and ecommerce, Customer Interaction Centre, Marketing and Sales, 3rd party distribution and International leisure.

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