Easily Arrange a Conference or Birthday Celebration in Bergen

More and more people are realising the amount of work that goes into planning a conference or a grand celebration – if it's to be truly special. Quality Hotel™ Edvard Grieg assists you with everything you need for a memorable event.

  • Throughout life, there's much to organise: meetings, conferences, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and more.

  • Being the organiser can be challenging – from finding the right venue to selecting the food to be served.

  • That's why more people are opting to delegate the task, allowing themselves to relax and simply enjoy the party. One place that has noticed this trend is Quality Hotel™ Edvard Grieg in Bergen.

  • The hotel is the largest conference hotel in Western Norway, but it has also seen a significant increase in private individuals seeking their help to arrange the perfect celebration.

  • "There's been a steady increase since I started here in 2016. I think many people appreciate coming to a set table, avoiding all the stress, and focusing on just having a good time," says Kine Døsen-Moen.

  • She is the Food and Beverage Manager at Quality Hotel™ Edvard Grieg and has helped countless families host memorable events.

  • To find what suits you and your event best, simply contact the hotel directly by phone or email.

Simple Confirmation Celebrations

One popular event held at the hotel is confirmations. As a result, Quality Hotel™ Edvard Grieg has designated confirmation periods in April and May. During this time, parties are allocated a private room at the hotel, which Kine and her team prepare and decorate based on input from the hosts. All rooms have access to modern audio and video equipment, perfect for sharing Auntie's heartfelt song lyrics and embarrassing photos of the teenager on the big day.

The food is prepared by the hotel's fantastic kitchen, and both hot and cold buffets are served. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available. Additionally, a separate children's buffet and, later, a dessert buffet are provided in a common area with easy access.

As with other venues at Strawberry, there's a strong emphasis on sustainability and minimal food waste.

"For confirmations, we set up a shared buffet and adjust the serving times according to when the guests arrive. This way, we ensure the food is always fresh and delicious. We also carefully plan when each room goes to the buffet, so guests don't feel like they're attending a celebration with 300 strangers. This works very well," says Kine.

She adds that this year, they're already fully booked for three consecutive weekends of confirmations. Kine advises booking well in advance.

"It's become very popular," she says.

Conference room at Quality Hotel Edvard Grieg in Bergen.

A Personal Coordinator Ensures the Perfect Celebration

For those concerned that arranging a private celebration at a conference hotel may feel impersonal, Kine has some good news. Regardless of the size of the party or the type of event, you'll be assigned a personal coordinator at the hotel. This coordinator will be your point of contact, and together you'll determine the perfect solution for food, decorations, and the venue.

"We're very flexible. Guests are welcome to bring their own place cards and decorations. We provide white tablecloths, candles, and flowers for those who want them, or we can create a more relaxed atmosphere," says Kine.

The Food and Beverage Manager explains that, in most cases, you'll have access to the venue the night before, allowing you to add a personal touch to the celebration.

"If you'd like to set up balloon arches, hang banners, or have a specific type of flower, we'll try to accommodate it. The most important thing for us is that guests enjoy themselves and feel that it's their special day. We want everyone to have the best possible experience with us," she smiles.

For birthday celebrations or other events, it's even possible to create your own three-course menu. The hotel primarily uses local, high-quality ingredients, and follows the seasons for vegetables, fish, and meat.

  • Combining Accommodation and Conferences

    As Western Norway's largest conference hotel, it's no secret that the hotel excels in organising large conferences and trade fairs.

  • The hotel's biggest hall can accommodate up to 900 guests but can be divided into smaller sections if needed. Additionally, the hotel's second floor offers a wide range of meeting rooms in various sizes.

  • "We regularly host parties and banquets with a lively atmosphere throughout the evening. We also have a mingling area perfect for trade fairs with stands or for simply sipping an aperitif before your gala dinner."

  • "We're well-known for our excellent Christmas party shows and have new performances every year. In our largest hall, we can seat around 750 guests, attracting companies and private individuals alike," explains Kine.

  • Those who choose to host a conference at Quality Hotel™ Edvard Grieg often opt to combine it with a stay at the hotel. Breakfast is, of course, included, and guests have access to the fitness room.

  • The hotel is just a five-minute drive from Flesland Airport, making it ideal for travellers. If you'd like to experience Bergen's city centre, simply hop on the light rail or a bus, both of which stop nearby.

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