You can now book meeting rooms online for certain Strawberry. You can see 360° pictures of the rooms, details for specific rooms and customize the rooms according to your needs. How does it work? Read our guide to Book a Meeting here!

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It's not really that complicated but there are plenty of benefits with booking meeting rooms online. On Book a Meeting you can, amongst other things, see the price and availability for a specific conference room, see 360° pictures, choose the seating order, order food and pay for the meeting room directly. Follow these simple steps and you'll see that booking meeting rooms has never been easier:

1 . Go to and fill in the date, time, meeting length and number of participants. Press Search. The search results will show the hotels that have meeting rooms available that match your criteria.

QH Friends: Conference roomHow about the conference room Santiago Bernabéu at Quality Hotel™ Friends?

2 . Click on the hotels you are interested in. On the map you can easily see where they are. The hotels that say “Book direct” have meeting rooms that you can book and pay for directly. The others have rooms that can be booked upon request.

3 . Now you will see the rooms that are available at the hotel of your choice. Here you can see pictures, price and choose seating order. Press View Details on one of the meeting rooms to read more about the room and what type of equipment is included or rentable. When you have decided on a conference room, press Select. Further down the page you can read more about what the hotel has to offer as a whole.

4 . The next step is to fill in your information, company name and host name. Here you will also see a summary of your booking.

5 . Under "Add-ons" you fill in if you want to order food. How about lunch and afternoon coffee? Also fill in when you want to have the food and how many will be eating. You can see prices and pay at the same time. If you have any specific wishes, enter them in the field under “Additional Information”.

6 . Do you need hotel rooms? Don't worry. Just fill in the number of single and double rooms needed for you and your participants. A request will be sent to the hotel and they will get back to you with a price, which you can accept or decline.

Hotel-At-six-deluxe-roomOne of the Deluxe rooms at the hotel At Six.

7 . You have almost completed your meeting room reservation. If you have a discount code, please enter it now. Then choose your preferred payment method - you can either use a credit card or pay at the hotel. Then press BOOK.

8 . You will now receive an e-mail to confirm that you have entered the correct e-mail address. Copy the confirmation code and paste it into the online booking page. If you have not received an email, press Send again. This only happens when you use the service for the first time.

9 . You have now reached the final step of the booking process. If you have chosen to pay with a credit card, please enter your details now.

10 . Now you’re FINISHED! Soon you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing all information about your booking.

Good to know

I want to make changes to my meeting room booking: how? If you want to change the number of people who will be eating, the number of participants, the date and time, etc., you can contact the hotel directly on the site via the messaging field in your booking. You can also cancel the meeting room directly online.

Does it cost to make any changes or cancel the meeting room? You can cancel for free up to 12 hours after you make the booking. After that there will be a fee depending on how much time remains before the day of the event itself. This also applies to food and drinks. Read more in the agreement here.

How do I know if booking a hotel room was successful? The hotel will contact you if there are rooms (or even if there aren’t) that match your wishes and provide a price proposal. Then you get to choose if you accept.

What are my payment options? When you book online, you can either choose to pay directly at the time of booking or at the hotel (card payments only). When you submit a reservation request for a meeting room, you can pay via invoice or with a card when you arrive at the hotel.

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