There's no way back. You stuff the computer in your bag, along with an increasing sense of panic. You are about to go on the trip of a lifetime to climb the highest mountain, balance on narrow paths without a map, conquer fire-breathing dragons and put your flag down at the top, before surfing back down on an avalanche. Okey, maybe not... You're just attending another conference, but pack your computer and head on out. It's time to unmute.

Bar guests Quality Hotel Edvard Grieg
All the attendees hit the bar, except Schrute, he was still on mute.

Who could possibly build culture from behind a 13" screen? We can joke about our new dual-purpose style, with office shirts and pyjamas bottoms, but how would you take in the whole picture when the person you're talking to leads a secret life from their shoulders down. Let's include head, shoulders, knees and toes and kick this spring off with a conference! A conference where we laugh together, perhaps shed a tear and gasp at how delightful it is to finally be served a plate of deliciousness that you didn't cook yourself. Even that guy you never really cared to hang out with before appears quite appealing to chat with now. We said it before, and we'll say it again - to sell big you need to turn off your screen and turn on your charm!

Workshop with post its_16_9All the employees were quiet while the boss was talking, except Schrute, he was not on mute.

Taking notes during conference_16_9All the attendees took notes, except Schrute, he had left the speaker on mute.

Did you hear us? Or were you still on mute? We have a message to all muted friends out there: Believe us when we say, no broadband in the entire world can transmit the feeling of a good hug, a smile over the table or a spontaneous roar of applause following a presentation. Nothing can replace real life meetings with 50 or 500 of your closest colleagues. Although they might even seem like 5 000 at first. After a year on Zoom, Teamz and Hangoutz receiving proper hugz and kizzes again feels bigger than ever.

Unmute your employees and yourself, release the full-on events, food and fun. We've been muted for too long now - it's time to UNMUTE YOUR BUSINESS!

People at conference at Quality Hotel Waterfront_16_9All the attendees agreed that today was a good day, except Schrute, he was on mute.

Cosmos Congress Hall Clarion Hotel Trondheim_16_9All the attendees made smalltalk during the break, except Schrute, he couldn't turn off mute.

Man in front of computer in w_16_9No attendees had the stomach flu, except Schrute, and he should have put himself on mute.

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