At Clarion Collection® Hotel dinner and fika are always included – every day. Read more about the hotel chain’s concept evening meal, get the recipe for the well-known and popular bread and get to know Petya and Karim, two bubbly chefs who love their jobs.

Sallad at a buffé
Various hearty salads are always on the menu at our hotels in Clarion Collection chain

When you step into Clarion Collection® Hotel Tapto on Östermalm in Stockholm, you are greeted by friendly smiles, laughter and the a wonderful smell of freshly baked bread. Just like at all our Clarion Collection® Hotel, breakfast, fika (afternoon coffee) and an evening meal are included in every stay. The evening meal always includes soup, homemade bread (see recipe further down), a main dish and three hearty salads. If you’ve never stayed at a Clarion Collection® Hotel before, it’s about time you do!

Clarion Collection Hotel Tapto CandlesAmilcar is preparing for the evening service in the restaurant at Clarion Collection® Hotel Tapto.

– We in the staff and our regulars have become like a little family here at the hotel, says Petya Vasilevs, chef at Clarion Collection® Hotel Tapto.

Petya Vasilevs and Karim Abdel Lah, chefs at Clarion Collection® Hotel Tapto, say that they love their jobs. What makes their workdays so special, is all the interaction they have with guests. The hotel kitchen has an open layout, and together with the buffet concept, this allows them on a daily basis to meet the guests who are dining at the hotel.

Chefs at Clarion Collection Hotel TaptoPetya, to the left, has worked 12 years for Clarion Collection® Hotel Tapto, and Karim, to the right, has worked 6 years at the hotel.

No food waste!

The menus are planned weekly and always include seasonal produce. For example, during summer time, the menu always offers plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. All the Clarion Collection® Hotels are incredibly good at planning their menus in order to reduce food waste. Sure, sometimes left overs cannot be avoided – but Clarion Collection Hotel Tapto has come up with a winning concept. They sell food boxes cheaply to the staff! For a small amount of money, the staff can buy the leftovers.

Clarion Collection Hotel Tapto BreadThe wonderful bread that’s got everyone talking is available at our Clarion Collection® Hotels.

The legendary bread…

The bread. The renowned and beloved bread. During summer, when it’s peak season, the bread is baked freshly daily. To the delight of all our guests.

Every day, we have guests asking for the recipe for our bread!

Almost every day, guests are asking for the recipe for the bread, says Petya and Karim. Now they have printed out the recipe on paper so when a guest comes out to the kitchen and asks for the recipe, they can easily share it. So, if you are eager to try out the bread yourself, here’s the coveted recipe:

Ingredients, 1 loaf:

  • 500 ml Swedish filmjölk, if available (or butter milk or Kefir)

  • approx. 200 ml plain flour

  • 125 grams broken wheat

  • 125 grams cracked rye

  • approx. 60 grams seedless raisins or sultanas

  • 25 grams sunflower seeds

  • 12.5 ml bicarbonate

  • a pinch of salt

__How to bake the bread: __

  1. Day 1: Mix all ingredients except flour and bicarbonate the day before you’re baking the bread. Put the mixture in the fridge.

  2. Day 2: Mix flour and bicarbonate and then mix with the ingredients that have been in the fridge overnight.

  3. Grease a tin and pour in the mixture.

  4. Bake in the oven at 150°C for 90 minutes.

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