A Swedish fika (coffee break) is much more than just coffee; it’s about having really good coffee in great company. So while you take care of the company, here are the top cafes in Stockholm to enjoy the city’s best coffee.

Coffee. So important in the Swedish culture that there is a word that is both a verb and a noun – fika; that describes the act of consuming coffee, in most case to have a “coffee break”. So whether you are a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur, mild coffee addict or tea-drinker in denial – nothing can ever replace the smell of a really well brewed cup of coffee! Can we get an amen? As the capital of Sweden, Stockholm holds a special place in being at the forefront of the national coffee homage, so here are the top cafes in the city that would make a perfect weekend for coffee lovers everywhere.

Drop Coffee


This coffee roaster puts its total focus on one precious product – coffee. Here you won’t find blends, because they believe each type of coffee bean has its very own, characteristic taste that shouldn’t be altered. Drop Coffee not only care about the quality of the coffee but also on the quality of life for the producers. You can expect the coffee to be freshly grinded and packed full of flavour.



Genius move right here! This initiative is something to applaud. This concept of an unconventional office will blow your mind. For everyone who’s tired of working in an office or from home, this is heaven on earth. A place to meet up with friendly faces, work and drink coffee. Coffice collaborates with many roasting houses to ensure that you can choose from the very best coffee. They also update their range every month to give your daily coffee fix a bit of variety. So if you really like the idea of having this as your office, you can become a member and hang out here every day! Amazing.

Espresso House

Espresso_house Source: ”Espresso house” av I99pema – Own work. Licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Espresso House is one of Sweden and Norway’s biggest coffee chains that certainly lives up to its name.They believe that getting the perfect cup of coffee comes down to science and that’s why their baristas are some of the most educated coffee lovers you’ll meet. Here you’ll get nothing less than perfect cup of coffee, to stay or to go. They also put great effort into making sure that the coffee they serve is produced in an environmentally friendly way, and that the coffee producers have good working and social conditions. Here you’ll also find a variety of food and cookies.

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Espressino Photo: @joridaldrin via Instagram

This place is located on Götgatan at Södermalm, the perfect place for having a seat and scouting out the people walking by. In addition to its ideal seating arrangements, the coffee they serve holds first class quality. The place has an Italian focus, and if you are familiar with how particular the Italians are with their coffee you know how good the coffee here is going to be. Other than coffee they serve some sweet treats, finger foods and sandwiches.

Mellqvist kaffebar

mellqvist Photo: @natomicron via Instagram

This coffee place may not look much for the world but is known to deliver delicious coffee, time after time. It is a classic coffee bar and one thing is for sure, they know their coffee. The place isn’t very big but their flavours are. Even though this is a typical joint for regulars, new faces are more than welcome to join!

Now we know that too much coffee will make your head spin, so our recommendation would be to try out one place at a time (or at least one place per meal time). Go and have a fika!

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