Are you one of those people who think the Drammen is a bit dull? Pfft, to that we say that you obviously haven't tried any of the city's fantastic restaurants! Here are 6 good reasons to dine out in the self-proclaimed Venice of the Nordic countries.

Anchas Bodega restaurant Drammen interior view
Photo: Anchas Bodega

Spanish passion at Anchas Bodega

Anchas-Bodega-meat-platter-in-front-of-chef Photo: Anchas Bodega

At Anchas Bodega you will find a great atmosphere, wonderful wine and delicious portions. The restaurant is run by a group of friends with many years’ experience in the industry and a great passion for Mediterranean food. This place is suitable for everything from work-related dinners to birthday celebrations.

Anchas Bodega is known for its well-composed wine list and good drink recommendations, which means it isn’t always possible to drive home afterwards. Avoid this problem by staying at a hotel in Drammen – it’s definitely a plus to start your day with a delicious hotel breakfast!

  • Cuisine: Spanish/Mediterranean

  • Small dishes and tapas

  • Suitable for: couples, group of friends, families, large groups

  • Price range: middle/high

Homemade food and beer at Skjenkestua

Skjenkestua in drammen facade Photo: Skjenkestua

Skjenkestua is an eatery with a very special atmosphere. Here it is all about home cooking, beer and snifters - so it may be a good idea to leave the kids at home. The restaurant is named and modelled after the old taprooms that were set up at the ferry crossings to allow people to have a good drink and a little bite while they waited. Here you are treated to Norwegian traditional food in traditional surroundings!

And by the way, the beer menu is something in itself. If you are a real beer-lover, you absolutely have to have a Skjenkestua. Need a place to stay for the night? A comfy, soft bed awaits you right around the corner at Quality Hotel™ River Station!

  • Cuisine: Norwegian so to speak!

  • Suitable for: groups of friends and celebrating parties*

  • Price range: middle

Locally-produced with French vibes at Frukt og Grønt

Frukt og Grønt is centrally located in Drammen, but calls itself a "playful neighbourhood restaurant" - whatever that is. Here you will not be disappointed if you have a slightly finer palate and a good follower base on Insta. With lovely presentations and three course dinners for NOK 475 you are guaranteed a rewarding experience in terms of both taste and aesthetics.

superior room Tollboden After a nice meal at Frukt og Grønt it is often nice to have a little nap at Clarion Collection® Hotel Tollboden.

At Frukt og grønt you get seasonal dishes with lovely wine and knowledgeable service in a bistro-inspired and cosy room. If you are travelling and want to try out this exciting restaurant in Drammen the magnificent Clarion Collection® Hotel Tollboden is just a 6-minute walk away.

  • Cuisine: French-inspired/Nordic

  • Suitable for: couples/small groups

  • Price range: middle/high

Bring your apathetic tweens and picky kids to Singh Saab

Singh-Saab-EDIT Photo: Singh Saab

At the family-run restaurant Singh Saab you will find wildly good Indian dishes that suit most people - including vegetarian or vegan. You can bring the whole family to this super-popular eatery and they serve both lunch and dinner.

Indian food is sweet and creamy, and therefore surprisingly often tastes good even for small children. Should it still be completely wrong, we can promise you that at least the naan bread and rice will be devoured. Give it a try!

  • Cuisine: Indian/Asian

  • Good vegetarian dishes

  • Suitable for: families, couples, groups

  • Price range: middle

Gentle waves and seafood at Skutebrygga

Mussels plate Skutebrygga DrammenPhoto: Skutebrygga

Skutebrygga is an impressive restaurant with large outdoor seating and delicious seafood. This is an atmospheric and romantic eatery with top class cuisine. In other words, this is the ideal place for a date if you want to impress. A hot tip from us: don't order oysters on the first date if you haven't tried them before...

If the date happens to succeed beyond all expectations, you may not want to separate as you leave the restaurant. And what could be a more romantic ending to an evening than a night in a hotel! The stylish Comfort Hotel® Union Brygge is just a few minutes’ walk from the restaurant. Perfect!

  • Cuisine: modern Scandinavian

  • Suitable for: couples, small groups

  • Price range: middle/high

The budget’s favourite Cappadocia

It's always great when you can get good food for a good price, and at Cappadocia that's exactly what you get. Ah, the delicious, Turkish flavours, round and spicy, with fresh and sharply-dressed salads… Not to mention the rare feeling you get when you get the bill and for once are pleasantly surprised at how cheap it was! Cappadocia is and will be a favourite of the Drammen locals - and it's hardly surprising.

  • Cuisine: Turkish

  • Take-out options

  • Suitable for: groups of friends, families, on the way home from town

  • Price range: low/middle