Colorful food at restaurant Izakaya in Oslo.

Explore Norway's blossoming foodie scene

Norway has undergone a culinary revolution in recent years. Almost everywhere you go in Norway, you can find amazing dining experiences and foreign chefs are increasingly heading here to learn and be inspired!

Norway is a hub for international cuisine

The old Norwegian food culture isn't exactly oozing with spicy flavour sensations. These days, however, it's no longer just pickled fish and sheep's heads to can be found on Norwegian plates. For although good old-fashioned home cooking has remained a staple, it has very much developed and many chefs are adding their own touches. There are also plenty of places here now to relish exciting and tasty dishes from all over the world.

Big cities offer exciting food experiences

While it's not long ago that people largely ate mutton and cabbage during the autumn, and no one had ever even heard of sushi, nowadays you don't need to try hard to find fabulous global cuisine, particularly in the larger cities like Oslo, Trondheim, Stavanger and Bergen. Think steaming pad thai, epic pizza and more!

Find your next food adventure

You can now experience amazing Thai flavours at Plah and Ahaan in Oslo, or try pizza with unique toppings at nearby Teatro. For classic bistro dishes with a modern twist, you must pay a visit to The Social Bar & Bistro located in Oslo, Stavanger and Bergen. Fore traditional fare, we recommend Emilies Eld in Trondheim, which serves a range of fabulous Norwegian dishes with innovative touches. And when you're in the mood for a burger, we recommend you to visit one of the country's many pubs.