If you think heading up to Arctic lands means foregoing delicious food and drinks, then think again! Longyearbyen, on Svalbard, has several fine dining restaurants, and wine and champagne cellars for you to explore!

Chefs preparing dinner at Funken Lodge.
Dinner preparations at the Funktionærmessen Restaurant at Funken Lodge.

King crab and reindeer

The Funktionærmessen Restaurant at Funken Lodge is a restaurant well worth a visit or three! With international cuisine and only the very best ingredients, the restaurant offers a dining experience unlike any other in Longyearbyen. The menu features generous sharing dishes that can be enjoyed by the whole table.

Seafood dining taste menu at Funktionærmessen Restaurant Funken Lodge

Culinary highlights include king crab from Finnmark, dry-aged meat and local reindeer. The grill is a key element in the preparation of the food and the result is something rather magical! Combined with stunning panoramic views of the city, the Longyear glacier and the Hiorth mountain, you can certainly prepare for an unforgettable dining experience.

Champagne tasting at 78 degrees north

Svalbard has always had special alcohol laws, and in the mid-1900s the miners and administrative staff had to collect their monthly quota of alcohol from a room in the basement of Funken Lodge. Today, the room has been refurbished and serves as an wonderful champagne cellar. Come down here for a champagne tasting in a truly historic setting. You can even treat yourself to some of our vintage bottles!

Champagne tasting people at Funken Lodge

Asian fusion

Longyearbyen is a diverse city with 2,200 inhabitants comprising more than fifty nationalities. Many people come from Thailand, so the city has some great Asian restaurants. In February 2019, the restaurant at Radisson Blu Polar Hotel will reopen as an Asian fusion restaurant, and both locals and tourists are eagerly anticipating this new arrival!

Hearty hamburgers and scrumptious meals

If you ask two people what they want for dinner you will get two different answers, and Longyearbyen offers a wide variety of restaurants. If you are of the kind who after a long day on a snowmobile exploring the Arctic wilderness and Aurora Borealis just crave a juicy hamburger, we have a great place to recommend for you as well – the Coal Miners’ Bar & Grill. Situated at the foot of the Longyear glacier, this cosy place offers a relaxed atmosphere, comfortable chairs and great views to the wilderness. The chefs prepare all meals on a charcoal grill, and has a mouth-watering hamburger menu – in addition to delicious vegetarian or fish options.

Dog sled at Svalbard

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