Modern interior at restaurant Norda in Gothenburg.


Is this Gothenburg's hippest lunch spot?

"When we want to treat ourselves to something special, we come here," says Helene. She and her colleague are dining at the packed Norda restaurant at Clarion Hotel® Post – a truly unique lunch spot.

  • "It has a really cosy atmosphere, and great Nordic flavours," says Helene.

  • She has secured a table at Norda with her colleague Matilda. They come here when they want to 'luxuriate' a little. There isn't a single free table at Norda at Clarion Hotel® Post on this day in April.

  • The restaurant is full of colleagues enjoying a business lunch, friends meeting for a glass of wine, families staying at the hotel, and others who just want to treat themselves to a fantastic meal in the middle of the day.

  • Norda is known to both locals and visitors for its delicious seafood and New York-inspired ambience. And when the outdoor seating finally opens in the sunshine, it really takes off.

  • About lunch at Norda

    "The lunch at Norda has a great deal of variation," says Emma Carlsson, head chef at Norda.

  • Strawberry meets her half an hour before the restaurant opens its doors. Even then, guests are already waiting outside.

  • "Every day we offer the dish of the day, the fish of the week, the vegan dish of the week, and the meat dish of the week."

  • "We also offer a three-course business lunch," says Emma.

  • Norda's lunch is designed to offer something for everyone, every day. Whether you're eating fish or meat, and whether you're are staying for a long meal or just having a quick bite to eat.

  • Despite a somewhat older crowd this Friday, the restaurant is also suitable for children. Chef Sofia B. Olsson at the renowned restaurant VRÅ recommends Norda as a go-to dining spot when you want to bring children along.

Swedes excel at lunch

Matilda and Helene have ordered seafood paired with white wine followed by an oh my rhubarb!, a rhubarb compote dessert. As mentioned, they come here when they want to treat themselves to something extra special:

"We like to have our Friday lunch here," say the colleagues, adding that the great atmosphere is also due to the Swedes having a unique culture around this time of day:

"While others might eat quickly, we often like to linger over lunch. We have a lovely culture of sitting down, taking our time, and being social. A good lunch is something we prioritise," says Helene.

Head chef Emma agrees and becomes patriotic:

"Lunch is a culinary tradition that has played a role in Swedish society for a long time, and something we place great importance on. We Swedes like to have a hot meal for lunch," she says, adding:

"I would also say that we are quite open to trying new things when it comes to food in general. Swedes have a pretty keen interest in food, which in turn leads to restaurant visits and trying new things."

Emma also points out that with an increased interest in food, people also have higher expectations. The food should be locally sourced, sustainable, environmentally friendly to a much greater extent than before:

"This forces restaurants to think differently and be more aware and in turn, guests become more willing to try new things. I believe that this, overall, is what makes Swedish lunch such a success story."

Friends having lunch at restaurant Norda in Gothenburg city.

Norda's top choices

The sun has started to shine through the venerable windows at Norda, in the 1923 building that was once the city's former postal hall.

The lunch crowd has begun to head outside with tasty drinks in hand and faces turned up towards the sun – like flowers stretching towards each precious sunbeam, while new guests line up outside Clarion Hotel® Post.

For some, lunch is likely to transition into an evening out. Gothenburg is now in full swing.

You can book a table at Norda here. One final tip: try the steak tartare, it's Emma's personal favourite!

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