Fresh oysters at restaurant Norda.

Gothenburg's most popular restaurants and bars

The city of Gothenburg, which is over 400 years old, is growing rapidly both in terms of height and width. Here, there is a lot of fantastic food and drink to choose from. Do you have a fondness for seafood? Then you have come to the right place!

The capital of the West Coast

With Gothenburg offers some of Sweden's tastiest and most famous shrimp sandwiches, drawn from fresh catches of the day. Check out Avalon's restaurant and Brasserie P, where you will not be disappointed. Gothenburg is also the birthplace of the fast food dish "En halv special", which is best served with homemade mashed potatoes, West Coast salad, and a Pucko. But in addition to these dishes, the city has a vibrant restaurant scene with something delicious for everyone.

The grand post office at Drottningtorget

Right next to Gothenburg Central Station, in the middle of Drottningtorget, and with the blue trams as its closest neighbour, lies the over 100-year-old post office. This beauty is now the location of the modern design hotel Clarion Hotel® Post, with the city's best terrace, popular bars, and award-winning restaurants. At Norda, the Swedish West Coast meets the American East Coast, and at VRÅ, you can enjoy local and organic ingredients with inspiration and flavours from Japan.

Rooftop bars and Asian culinary journeys

You will find Gothenburg's best rooftop bar and view up on TaKeT, with happy and cheerful Gothenburgers at the bar. This is also the home of the Asian-inspired restaurant OGBG, with a front-row seat to the harbor. Across the Göta River on the other side, you will find the newly opened restaurant Fei on the tenth floor. Here awaits a Chinese culinary experience of world-class that you will not forget. Read more about Gothenburg's most popular restaurants and bars below.


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