Is the old pork roast, the ham and the turkey at Christmas lunch putting your off a bit? Here are 11 tricks that turn most meat lovers to veggie enthusiasts!

A collection of vegetarian dishes for the Christmas buffet.
Get inspired by our vegetarian and vegan Christmas food favourites and cook a greener Christmas buffet the EVERYONE will love!

Are you trying to find exciting green alternatives? Are you sick of just eating potatoes and gravy throughout Christmas? Do you end up in endless discussions with uncle John, who argues it’s no Christmas without turkey? Or is it the other way around? You are happy to cook some vegetarian dishes for you dear (although fussy) family members but don’t know where to start? No drama, this year Christmas lunch can be a feast for everyone!

Be inspired by our vegetarian and vegan Christmas favourites below, and dish up a greener Christmas buffet that EVERYONE will enjoy, meat lovers as well as vegetarians and vegans. You’ll find the recipes on internet, but most dishes can be created after one’s own preferences.

1. Kale pie with blue cheese and walnuts

To make a vegan pie, leave out the blue cheese and make a vegan omelette base (recipe below).

Kale pie, a great dish on the Christmas buffet.

2. Avocado and pomegranate salad

Use your favourite lettuce variety and mix with creamy avocado and crispy pomegranate for a delicious salad. Sprinkle with oil and salt flakes.

Red is the colour of Christmas. It looks gorgeous next to green, crispy leaves.

3. Falafel instead of meatballs

Those who love cooking will obviously make their own falafel, but there are really good ready-made alternatives to buy.

Swedes, as well as many with them, think it’s no Christmas without meatballs! Falafel looks almost the same as meatballs. There you go! Ta da!

4. Rice pudding

Rice pudding is already vegetarian, and becomes vegan with oat or soy milk instead of cow’s milk.

You got to have rice pudding at Christmas.

5. Spanish tortilla

Simply a thick potato omelette, preferably made in a deep oven tray. For extra Christmas flavours – chop up and blend kale or red cabbage into the egg mixture.

Wonderful vegetarian dish that feeds a crowd.

6. Beetroot salad with walnuts, honey, green apple and goat curd

Make it vegan with oat based creme fraiche with horseradish, nuts and other goodies. Let the chef decide!

We love root crops in winter. Serving them with Chèvre Chaud turns it into a gourmet dish on the Christmas buffet.

7. Kale pizza with chili and lemon

Read our lips! Google this recipe and don’t wait until Christmas – make it now! You will love it! You’re making the pizza with vegan cheese, needless to say.

Beloved kale! Any dish is enhanced by its presence.

8. Kale chips

Kale chips have been on everyone’s lips since 2013, so why change a winning concept? Tear apart the kale in mouth size pieces. Toss the kale in olive oil and put it on an oven tray. Sprinkle over salt flakes and in the oven it goes. Cook at 200 degrees until crisp. It usually takes about 10 minutes.

Kale chips are now considered a modern classic.

9. Brussel sprouts and orange salad

Pan fry halved Brussel sprouts in oil or butter until soft. Add diced apple and some honey and continue to cook for a couple of minutes. Serve warm with skinned orange segments. Yum.

Some kids are not big fans of Brussel sprouts. This warm salad will change their mind.

10. Fried black cabbage with garlic and hazelnuts

Quickly fry black cabbage and garlic in butter or oil in a hot frying pan. Move to a bowl and sprinkle over hazelnuts to your liking. Place one bowl with shredded parmesan and one with diced green apple next to the black cabbage and people can combine their own salad at the dining table.

Cabbage is a must on a Swedish Christmas buffet, either stewed with cream or prepared based on a new recipe.

11. Sautéed mini carrots

Sauté is a fancy word for frying something quickly on high heat, heating the produce without losing crispiness. You can basically sauté any crispy vegetable. We like sautéed carrots for their sweetness, and sugar snaps and haricot vertes are delicious to sauté too.

Add crispy carrots for some colour on the buffet.

Vegan omelette – recipe

(Can also be used for pie filling or gratins)

  • 1 cup oat cream

  • ¼ cup oat milk

  • 4 tbs flour

  • Salt, pepper and ground paprika

Wisk together wet ingredients, then mix in dry ingredients and pour into oven safe dish. Shovel it into the oven and just wait until this gorgeousness has a golden colour. Bon appétit!