Are you going out for a drink or two in Malmö? Clarion Hotel Malmö Live offers everything from classic cocktails and creative flavours to exciting drinks with gin as well as sangrias. Here you can dive straight in at the deep end with their different bar concepts and drinks you really mustn’t miss!

Bartender and drinks
In other words, with three different bar concepts, it’s hard to pick just three or even five favourites from the drinks list!

One hotel – three bar concepts

Neighbours with Malmö Central Station, the channel and the city’s pulse, there are very few who haven’t already been to Clarion Hotel Malmö Live. A whole 85 metres tall, the hotel has become one of the city’s new landmarks and an obvious meeting place for Malmö locals, visitors and conference guests. Here you will find not only the most beautiful hotel rooms in a simply terrific location – a big draw is also the hotel’s two restaurants and three bars. The three bar concepts – Kitchen & Table, Eatery Social Taqueria and Living Room Bar – all follow their own leitmotif in everything from ingredients to interior decoration and music selection. In other words, with three different bar concepts, it’s hard to pick just three or even five favourites from the drinks list!

Taking sustainability to the next level with Sustainable Cocktails

In Malmö Live’s bar team the focus is not only on serving exciting cocktails and stretching the limits of old classic recipes. An important part of the entire hotel’s business is to find sustainable solutions and actively reduce climate impact, in everything from energy consumption to recycling. Noel Ekstrand, Bar Manager at Malmö Live, has now taken recycling a step further and introduced Sustainable Cocktails together with his team. In addition to the choice of using only biodegradable straws and reusable coasters, they actively take advantage of food and raw ingredients that are not used from all the hotel’s different departments to reduce food wastage.

– ”There are so many different ways you can take advantage of fruit, for example. We squeeze out the juice to make cordials from the bits that are left. Before that you can also zest the fruit, dry the zest and grind it to powder. If there is sliced fruit from the breakfast buffet left, we’ll take it and experiment with shrubs or the like”. – Noel Ekstrand.

Trash is King

But the work to reduce food wastage does not end there. In this Mexican restaurant Geoff Barraclough, Head Bartender, has taken the concept of Sustainable Cocktails one step further and introduced an ever changing cocktail under the name Trash is King.

– ”Trash is King changes depending on what Geoff can find in the kitchen that has not been used or if there are fewer customers than expected to a banquet dinner. We have tried such extravagances as a ‘Croissant syrup’. Imagination is the only limit, as it were”, says Noel Ekstrand.

Another project that is in the starting phase is to take advantage of the amazing light and sunshine in the Skybar and start growing herbs and spices like mint, basil, rosemary and oxalis, a type of wood sorrel (oxalis acetosella).

-”We have just looked at the possibilities together with our awesome maintenance team who have been quick on the ball and started making drawings to help us get started. We shall see what are able to grow up there, but even if it only turns out to be a small amount, it contributes to the whole and to reducing our impact on the environment”. – Noel Ekstrand.

1. Kitchen & Table Skybar – luxurious and creative with Malmö’s best view

On Malmö Live’s 25th floor it’s hard not to feel that little bit extra happy with life. Here you can dine in the award-winning restaurant Kitchen & Table, created by world-renowned chef Marcus Samuelsson, as well as there being a whole range of possibilities in the cocktail bar with both classics and their own creations. Not to mention the magnificent view of Malmö, Turning Torso, the sparkling waters of the Öresund and the well-known Öresund Bridge!

-”It’s all about having fun. From the guests’ point of view but also for us as bartenders. Everyone who visits our bars and restaurants in general wants to have a good time. Drinking cocktails should be fun”. Scott Wright, bartender at Clarion Hotel Malmö Live.

And Noel adds:

– “Yes, I agree! A cocktail should of course taste good, but above all, it is about service and a cocktail is a tool for this. It should also be eye-catchingly beautiful and preferably interactive in some way”.

Kitchen & Table Skybar

What: You can’t go wrong with a skybar. Here you will find classic drinks, wine, beer and sparkling wine, but also our own drinks with both exciting flavour combinations and garnishes. The sky bar is ideal, regardless of whether it’s for after-work drinks, a drink before dinner or at end of the day. Where: Take the elevator from the hotel lobby up to the 25th floor. Here you will find both the Kitchen & Table restaurant by Marcus Samuelsson and the restaurant’s skybar connected to it.

In the Kitchen & Table’s skybar you can order elegant and creative cocktails.

Enjoy the stunning view of Malmö, Öresund and Turning Torso.

Hard to choose? Do not hesitate to ask for recommendations and tips!

Next door to the restaurant Kitchen & Table.

Do you want to try something new while enjoying the first class view?

Sherry Cobbler

#1 Sherry Cobbler – PX Sherry, Cointreau, Maraschino, Lemon and Cutting Board Cordial. An awesome twist on a classic, where we partly take inspiration from our sustainability idea but it also makes a cocktail that is a bit lower in alcohol content.

Left over Mocktail

#2 Left Over Mocktail – an alcohol-free best seller that we make from our Cutting Board Cordial, lemon and non-alcoholic sparkling wine. We garnish it with what is available, in the true WeCare spirit, but it is usually Oxalis as we this grow ourselves.


#3 Aphrodisiac – Limoncello, elderflower, lemon and cava. Organic elderflower, organic lemon, organic cava and adorned by a reusable gold ribbon. It can’t get any more sustainable than this. One of Scott Wright’s signature cocktails!

2. Latin influences at La Terraza, Malmö’s first sangria bar

Combining outdoor dining and a sangria bar could only ever be a stroke of genius. La Terraza, Malmö’s first sangria bar, has caught the perfect Latin feel with its blue-painted bar and exotic interior design with lots of plants. The drinks menu offers both traditional Mexican sangrias, but also playful fusions of summer flavours like peach and rosé or elderflower and cava. And Noel can only confirm the success:

-“We simply picked one of the best and most popular items from our cocktail bar indoors and moved it out into the sun. Sangria, sun and good company, a little clichéd maybe, but we love it.” – Noel Ekstrand.

Mexican and American vibes at Eatery Social Taqueria

La Terraza is part of the Eatery Social Taqueria Restaurant, one of Marcus Samuelsson’s latest restaurant concepts, inspired by Mexican and American cuisines. So if you’re hungry for tacos, nachos and quesadillas, there are great dining spots close to hand, and even those with a view of the water. With large areas and communal tables, the atmosphere quickly becomes both informal and vibrant – perfect for both everyday as well as more festive events.

La Terraza och Eatery Social Taqueria

What: Here you can socialise in a relaxed environment with both food and drinks that you can easily share. Where: Eatery Social Taqueria and La Terraza are located on the 1st floor, with the entrances via the hotel and along the canal.

Order a pitcher of Sparkling Sangria, made from sprinkling elderflower, fruit soda, sparkling wine and fresh fruit. Perfect to share with friends!

Sit down in the beautiful chairs of La Terraza’s outdoor seating and enjoy the atmosphere.

Turn your after work drinks into dinner at Eatery Social Taqueria.

Tacos, tortillas, quesadillas, grilled dishes and much more on Eatery Social Taqueria’s menu.

Having trouble choosing between all mezcal and tequila drinks? Here are Geoff and Noel’s best tips:

Sparkling Sangria

#1 Sparkling Sangria – elderflower, fruit juice, fresh fruit and cava. The best seller both indoors and outdoors year round!

An example of the ever-changing drink Trash is King!

#2 Trash is King! – A sustainable cocktail with fresh ingredients every day. Mosey on in to the cocktail bar indoors to try out the ever-changing WeCare-king.

Los Altos Fresca

#3 Los Altos Fresca – Reposado (aged) tequila, cointreau, an Earl Grey syrup, cucumber, absinthe and lime. Another awesome cocktail from our more cocktail-focused bar indoors.

3. The Living Room Bar – a classic hotel bar in love with gin

It’s no wonder that The Living Room Bar is called the heart of the hotel. With its central location on the ground floor, it is an obvious meeting place where art, music and design are combined with events, mingles and after work drinks. There are the obvious classics here to choose from, but what especially stands out on the menu are the gin drinks. Since 2017, the classic hotel bar has not only flirted with but totally fallen in love with gin and created several new flavour combinations, such as Sophie’s Strawberry or Remodeled French 75. The drinks are as appealing to the taste buds as much as to the eyes with their beautiful garnishes.

-”We wanted to do something that offered the modern business or leisure traveller a classic hotel bar but that that nevertheless somehow stuck out. We have amongst other things our own Malmhattan Tonic, which is a tonic concentrate that is produced locally. Again trying to keep sustainability in mind but also to benefit local producers” – Noel Ekstrand on The Living Room Bar.

Clarion Hotel Malmö Live’s own living room

Clarion Hotel Malmö Live’s own living room is a living venue from morning to night and is perfect for those who have to work whilst on the move and need good Wi-Fi and several electric sockets for their chargers. During the day you can buy a light lunch, coffee and cake. In the afternoon, the Living Room turns into a real hotel bar with a relaxed, hang-out atmosphere. Sit down at the bar, at a table or maybe in one of the beautiful sofas and feel the hotel’s pulse!

The Living Room Bar

What: Ginbar with both exciting tweaks and classic drinks, wine, beer and sparkling wine. Café during the morning and day with simple dishes, coffee and cake. Perfect if you work on the go and need good Wi-Fi and many power outlets. Where: The Living Room Bar is easiest to access via the main entrance. Just go past the front desk and you will see the bar on your right. Sit down at the bar, in the beautiful sofas or at one of the many tables.

The Living Room Bar is a must visit if you like goose dumplings!

Art, music and design are combined with events and mingles.

Top three goats that you can not miss in The Living Room Bar:
  1. Remodeled French 75 – Gin, lemon, cutting board cordial, sparkling wine.
  2. Gin on Malmhattan – A classic G&T with a non-classic twist. Here you can try out our own tonic syrup.
  3. Sophie’s Strawberry – A slightly different G&T where we mix gin with a tasty ‘aromatic tonic’, peach and rose water.

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