Now you will never have to think twice about where to eat in “The city of birches”. Here are Umeå's current best restaurants that are just as good for romance-seeking couples as large families or dinners with work colleagues.

Köksbaren mussels on salt Umeå
Photo: Sara Danielsson

Hunger och Törst

Hunger och törst dining area Photo: Hunger och Törst

  • Type of food: International/European/vegetarian

  • Suitable for: Couples/large groups

  • Price range: High

At Hunger och Törst you and your dinner party will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of taste-experiences as the menu consists of small dishes. You choose if you want to order seven, five or three and the menu is constantly changing, so no visit is the same - except the food always tastes just as good every time.


Plectrum Restaurant Umeå seating area

  • Type of food: International/local

  • Suitable for: Couples(large groups

  • Price range: Middle

The Plectrum restaurant is housed in the stylish Hotel Comfort Hotel® Winn and invites you to a lively atmosphere that feels perfect for dinner with friends or for Friday night After Work drinks with colleagues. While enjoying a Plectrum burger or cream-cooked souvas (a tasty reindeer dish), you also have the opportunity to listen to great live music performed by talented local artists.


koksbaren open kitchen Photo: Sara Danielsson

  • Type of food: Scandinavian/European

  • Suitable for: Couples/families/large groups

  • Price range: High

Number three on the list is a classic gastro-bar, suitable for all types of parties. At Köksbaren you have the opportunity to tuck into “Today’s lunch” or bring friends and family to a delicious dinner with well-prepared dishes of high quality and often made with local produce.

Gröna Älgen

  • Type of food: Traditional/grilled

  • Suitable for: Couples/large groups

  • Price range: Middle

Gröna Älgen is one of Umeå's most homely restaurants. The menu offers everything from burgers and charcoal grilled meats to pizzas and tasty fish and chips. During summer they sometimes offer wonderful live music or fun music quizzes, which is a perfect opportunity for meeting friends for good food and socialising!


ROST restaurant counter Photo: Rost

  • Type of food: Swedish/vegetarian/healthy

  • Suitable for: Families/couples

  • Price range: Middle

Rost is an excellent restaurant in Umeå if you are looking for a fresh and green lunch option or want to warm yourself with a tasty, well-cooked soup. Here the focus is on the environment and sustainability and they have completely removed meat from the menu, something that feels decidedly right for our times. So, nothing for the meat lover, but definitely a hot tip for those who want to try something new, fresh and incredibly tasty!

Bistro Le Garage

Bistro Le Garage Photo: Bistro Le Garage

  • Type of food: French home cooking

  • Suitable for: Couples/families/large groups

  • Price range: Middle

Sit down at Umeå's most cosy neighbourhood pub Bistro Le Garage and enjoy either lunch or dinner in the middle of the beautiful Umedalen sculpture park. The restaurant was mentioned in the White Guide in 2019 and the menu offers fantastic French home cooking made with quality ingredients and love. And mom and dad - keep an eye out! Sometimes the restaurant has nice special offers where children under 12 can eat for free from the children's menu

Tapas Bar Deli

  • Type of food: Spanish/tapas

  • Suitable for: Couples/families/large groups

  • Price range: Middle

A restaurant list can hardly be called complete without a really good tapas restaurant. At Tapas Bar Deli you get exactly what you are looking for - a tasteful menu with heaps and heaps of good tapas dishes. Perfect for enjoying on your own or sharing with your dinner party.

Right next door you’ll find Comfort Hotel® Umeå City where they offer Lazy Sundays, which means that, whenever possible, you can keep the room until 18.00 on Sundays. Perfect after a late and lovely Saturday night at a restaurant with friends!

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