Few food enthusiasts can have missed the news that Sweden now has its first three-star restaurant. During a gala in Copenhagen, the Nordic Michelin Guide awarded the highest rating to the Frantzén restaurant. An honour that no Swedish restaurant has ever had previously.

Björn Frantzén, cook and restauranteur, could not have imagined a more joyous piece of news for his restaurant as he got up on stage and received the prestigious award. Frantzén’s third star will hopefully be a big boost for fine dining in both Stockholm and Sweden.

Björn Frantzén, restaurateur and chef at Sweden’s first three-star restaurant. Photo: Martin Botvidsson

Tasting menu for SEK 3000

The interest in the pricy restaurant will not be reduced – with only 23 seats it is safe to say that the waiting list will grow even longer. For 3000 SEK you will be able to try a world-class tasting menu with influences from modern Nordic cuisine as well as Japanese.

Michael Ellis, International Director of Michelin Guides, describes Frantzén’s food art an experience worth the trip:

”Björn Frantzén has created a unique vision of Nordic cuisine, combining sublime ingredients with astounding culinary techniques. Björn Frantzén’s gastronomic expression is truly worth the journey, and is a gustatory experience like no other. ”

A tasting menu outside the ordinary. Photo: Martin Botvidsson

Photo: Martin Botvidsson

Photo: Martin Botvidsson

Several stars were awarded

Frantzén was not the only Swedish restaurant honoured with stars in in the Michelin guide 2018. The Malmö restaurant Sav and the Stockholm restaurants Aloë and Agrikultur all received 1 star each, and Daniel Berlin in Tranås was awarded with two stars.

1 star

Sav, Malmö

Aloë, Stockholm

Agrikultur, Stockholm

2 stars

Daniel Berlin, Skåne Tranås

3 stars

Frantzén, Stockholm

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