Traveling and healthy eating CAN truly be a reality, especially in Copenhagen. Here are our favourite healthy eats in Copenhagen, either on the go or to dine out.

Recently, Copenhagen topped CNN’s list of healthiest city in the world

In 2014, Copenhagen topped CNN’s list of healthiest city in the world. What a feat! There can be so many factors that contribute to the overall health of the city (like having more bikes than cars). However, we can’t ignore the fact that the limited number of international fast food chains and popularity of healthy food options makes it an attractive spot for even the most finicky eaters. Here are our top 6 places for healthy eats in Copenhagen.

Joe & The Juice

joe_and_the_juiceThis is a popular pick for juice (and music) lovers for the perfect morning or afternoon pick-me-up! Joe & the Juice makes your juice fresh as you order and is almost on as many street corners in Copenhagen, as you would find a Starbucks in Canada. Not in the mood for just juice? Pair it with some generously filled panini style sandwiches, tasty salads, great coffee and more. The atmosphere is so young and urban, you can expect that there will most definitely be a crowd when you enter, waiting to hear their name called by one of the smiling Joe’s behind the counter.

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Smag logoThis is the real deal if you’re into healthy living and food in particular that is creative, fresh and well thought out. We would recommend trying out a salad (which often features new recipes) or the sandwiches that are made to order; which means your favourite salmon sandwich comes with the perfect combination of arugula, sweet peas and pesto that is just right each time. Besides this, Smag also offer catering and dietary services! Their vision and goal is to inspire people to want to live a more healthy life. A pretty nice vision and goal according to us!

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We Do FoodThe philosophy is simple; there are no shortcuts when it comes to food. WE DO FOOD focuses on fresh produce and making food that is honest and simple. You can have lunch here or choose from a variety of homemade salads and take it with you. Located in Copenhagen’s bustling Meatpacking district of Kødbyen, it’s the perfect place to sit outside and watch all the action. They also offer catering solutions for private or business occasions as well!

> WE DO FOOD location in Kødbyen


Palæo logo

At Palæo they prepare food straight from the Stone Age. Literally. This concept takes us back to our ancestral roots; which means that the food they serve is purely based on a pre-historic interpretation of what people ate during the stone age (with a modern twist to make it a bit more visually appealing). This means very little or no processed foods and a focus on lean meats and fresh vegetables. If you feel like trying something different (like an egg wrap, or cauliflower based risotto) you should definitely try out this place!

> Palæo is located in Pilestræde and Torvehallerne (Farmer’s Market) in Copenhagen


soupanatural_logo1“Don’t panic – it’s organic!” That is SoupaNatural’s slogan. And we think it’s a pretty good one! They serve slow-cooked soups all made from fresh and organic ingredients. Even their packaging is organic or biodegradable! As if soups weren’t enough, they also offer cocktails (all organic, of course). The food and drinks served at SoupaNatural is all organic, made with love and (perhaps best of all) very affordable.

> SoupaNatural location in Nørrebro


bosh-byg1This is another local favourite that is tucked away in the city’s Meat Packing District of Kødbyen, right next to WE DO FOOD actually. This is more of a full-service restaurant setting, perfect for lunch or dinner. It is a vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurant that serves 100% organic produce in a complete open design concept. According to their website they are a CLIMATE+ restaurant and green cafe! So don’t be fooled by the vintage red BOSCH sign (there are no appliances for sale here anymore) and head in to indulge in quality.

> BioMio in Kødbyen

So whether you are traveling to Copenhagen with the intention to stick to your diet, get on a healthier one or don’t care – the city’s emphasis on healthy living is sure to make a lasting impression on you. So, here's our hotels in Copenhagen, and do as the locals do: hop on your bike, buy an organic salad for your basket, have a juice in hand and head for a picnic in the park.