Freshly baked bread at Rug, bakery in Copenhagen.

World-class bread & pastries at Rug in Copenhagen

What better way to start the day than with a bite of freshly baked bread and a hot cup of coffee? Or, indulge tasty Danish and French baking traditions with a modern twist. Welcome to Rug Bakery, located in Denmark's capital city.

A bakery blending old and new

Discover Rug in hotel Villa Copenhagen, located in the heart of the city. This bakery beautifully blends the building's history with modern design and decor, as well as offering a fusion of traditional and contemporary flavours. Experience inventive sourdough bread, traditional Danish rye bread, and exciting flavour combinations, all carefully crafted with both Danish and French baking techniques. Rug's creative approach to form and flavour in baking should not be missed!

Rug bakery is focused on sustainability

At Rug, our flavourful baking doesn't cost the earth. The bakery prioritises sustainability, emphasising locally sourced, organic, and in-season ingredients, with grains grown just 30 kilometres outside of Copenhagen. We are passionate about providing the best taste, aroma, and texture in baking, at the same time as protecting the environment. Don't miss out on our sustainable blend of history and modernity, alongside our warm and friendly atmosphere. Welcome to Rug bakery!

Fresh croissants at bakery Rug in Copenhagen.Freshly baked cinnamon buns at bakery Rug in Copenhagen