Tired of rushing off to the airport early in the morning or not arriving in time for the last train home when you land late? Check into our hotels right next door to the airports and treat yourself to snoozing a little longer, knowing that tomorrow will be a little better.

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A lot of people have to get up early and rush when they are travelling or working. But when Comfort Hotel® opens the doors to its two new hotels, Comfort Hotel® Arlanda Airport and Comfort Hotel® Copenhagen Airport, in 2020, this will no longer necessary. As once the doors have opened, the Here For Tomorrow, concept will also be launched, which will make your tomorrow better.

Comfort Hotel Start your vacation one day early

Make your next day the best

As a guest, you may be wondering what this means for you when you check in at one of the two hotels. Simply put, Comfort Hotel® will make tomorrow the best day. Maybe you have to leave early the next day or are getting home late by plane. Or maybe you are going to a conference or on a business trip. Whatever you are going to do, Comfort Hotel® will help you make tomorrow easier.

"We are here for you, here for the planet, here for tomorrow"

Comfort Hotel®’s guarantee to you is to provide you with a good bed to sleep in, a delicious breakfast and only a short distance to the airport or other important things. All this is done, moreover, as sustainably as possible. If you stay here, you are guaranteed that Comfort Hotel® has already planned for tomorrow. As they themselves say: We are here for you, here for the planet, here for tomorrow.


Here For Tomorrow is well summed up by a single word: easy. Easy on your wallet, easy access to airports or other transportation, easy on the planet, and easy to enjoy. With the new hotels also come good choices at a good price, comfortable and sustainable solutions, and short distances. This should make it easier for you as a guest to start the new day tomorrow.

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