You probably already know that you can open your hotel room and activate hotel lifts using our app, right? But what about adding your key card to your Apple Wallet to enjoy an even more seamless hotel stay? And guess what? One of our hotels in Sweden is the very first hotel in Europe to be offering this solution!

Man looking at his smartphone. Photo: Mehdi Lamaaffar, Unsplash.

And that’s a pretty big deal! So, let’s not keep the suspense up any longer. The hotel now offering digital key cards via Apple Wallet is our very own Clarion Hotel® Post in Gothenburg! We are of course working hard to roll out the solution at more hotels, so watch this space…

But why are we focusing so much on digital room keys? Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory really – you’ll have one less thing to think about, one less thing to keep track of and one less thing to lose! You’ll have everything you need at your fingertips in your phone, which will no doubt be with you wherever you go anyway.

Clarion Hotel PostClarion Hotel Post is the first hotel in the world to offer digital room keys in Apple Wallet for all iPhone users.

What’s the difference between using digital room keys via Apple Wallet and our app?

Are you wondering how digital key cards via Apple Wallet actually work? And what’s the difference between using digital key cards via Apple Wallet and our app to access your hotel room?

Well, white our standard Mobile Keys solution uses Bluetooth technology, you won’t need to have activated Bluetooth to use a digital key card via Apple Wallet. And more than that, you don’t even need to open up the app or unlock your phone! Yes, you heard right! All you need to do is hold your phone up to the digital card reader and voilá…your hotel room door will open and the lift will be activated! We said it was easy, right?

Another bonus is that the key card in your Apple Wallet will even work up to 5 hours after your iPhone or Apple Watch is out of battery or turned off!

Apple Wallet keyThis is what a digital key card looks like in Apple Wallet on an iPhone.

How do I activate digital key cards with Apple Wallet?

You can add the room key to your Apple Wallet any time you want, and it will be automatically activated as soon as you’ve checked in. Once you have added your digital key to your Apple Wallet, it will automatically sync with your Apple Watch if you have one.

What can I do with the Strawberry app?

As mentioned above, the solution is still only available at one hotel, but several of our hotels (90+) offer Mobile Keys via our app. That means you needn’t bother with a physical key card, plus you’ll be able to use the app to book stays in record time, pay, check in and out, as well as get a full overview of your bonus points and bookings.

P.S. Did you know that we also offer digital room keys via Google Wallet at Clarion Hotel® Post? In fact, it’s the first hotel in the world to offer this solution! Find out more about digital room keys with Google Wallet here!