Tired of being interrupted in the middle of an important meeting with screaming children in the background? Are you climbing the walls and need a change of environment? You're not alone. Read our interview with Fredrik Englund who checked-in at a hotel during the day, got free coffee, worked in peace and quiet, and had a whole conference room for himself.

Room with a desk. Check-in Office

Many people are working from home at the moment. Which after a few weeks can be stressful. Really stressful. The kids are running around and your partner talks too loud. The dishwasher needs to be emptied and the toilet cleaned. Eventually, even the coffee begins to taste burnt and it is usually then that the concentration disappears. But rest assured, it's possible to regain your concentration and work in peace again! You can go ahead and check in to a hotel office. Someone who has done so is Fredrik Englund.

Fredrik Englund Check-in Office at Quality Hotel Winn, HaningeFredrik in a large conference room at Quality Hotel Winn, Haninge. Not everyone is lucky enough to have such a large room all to themselves.

Fredrik booked a room throughout the day through the “Office from 54 EUR per day” campaign and drove to Quality Hotel™ Winn, Haninge, located just south of Stockholm, to work one day.

Read our interview with Fredrik, who got the luxury of having his own conference room to himself:

What do you work with Fredrik?

I work as an IT consultant at Infotrek. I help companies gather, analyze and visualize the information they have in their computer systems. The goal is to enable companies to become more data-driven so that they can make decisions based on facts and not on the basis of gut feelings.

Why did you choose to work from a hotel?

Due to the coronavirus, we were asked to work from home, and after four weeks I began to feel a little trapped and needed a change in environment. My car was going to service in Haninge and it would take 5-6 hours. I was wondering what to do in the meantime. Sitting in a cafe or restaurant wasn't that tempting, but then I realized that I had read that your hotels were offering offices during the day, and thought it would be perfect to try now, as well as being able to support a bit since things are as they are now.

Why, specifically, Quality Hotel Winn in Haninge?

It was the closest hotel, and in addition, it looked very nice in the pictures. It was easy to book and very friendly staff who accepted my booking. I had booked a single room, but ended up getting my own conference room. I could get coffee whenever I wanted, and in the afternoon I got homemade “fika”. It's hard to beat!

What is the best thing about the hotel office?

Service and ability to work in peace. It was incredibly quiet and pleasant. Felt nice to "go to work", I was a little more efficient than sitting at home.

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