Is there anything better than lying down in a freshly made bed with newly washed sheets? Nah, didn’t think so. But - how would you like your bed to be made, and what can you do to get that special feeling? Read our tips and take your bed to the next level.

Make your bed

So, how do you want your bed? Should it be simple and plain? Or sloppy and wrinkled? Decorative pillows, fluffy comforters, bedspreads and blankets - we all have our own taste and even our own hotel chains. Have a look at some different bed-styles below. What’s your favourite?

The Comfort Fold

Bed at Comfort Hotel Göteborg - Comfort fold
A Deluxe Double Room at Comfort Hotel Göteborg.

Above - a bed at one of our Comfort Hotel. At Comfort Hotel, the beds are usually simple and classicly made, with the mandatory fold at the end of the bed. We decided to call this The Comfort fold.


To get this stylish bed - you’ll need newly washed white sheets. To get that crispy feeling there are no shortcuts - you have to pull out the iron.

If you don’t have a bed with a mattress that allows The Comfort Fold, here’s the even easier alternative Comfort Flat-lay:
Comfort Hotel bed Flat-Lay

The Quality Symmetry

Quality Hotel Säng
Symmetry, two extra pillows, a bedspread and – Voilà! A classic The Quality Symmetry.

At our Quality Hotel you’ll often find double beds in symmetry and finesse! The styling isn’t that demanding and won’t take much time to get perfect in the morning. We call it The Quality Symmetry!


In this one, there’s some more thought behind the style, without going bonkers. Decide on what colours in the room you want to pick up on. Think complementary colours and harmony for the eyes. Add a couple of extra pillows and preferably a heavy bedspread that you put on the bottom part of the bed. With these simple details, you can lift your bedroom to the next level without emptying your wallet.

The Clarion Pillow Stack

Clarion Hotel Oslo Säng

A classic example of The Clarion Pillow Stack at Clarion Hotel Oslo.

The Clarion Pillow Stack is perfect for those who want to make their bed become a sea of pillows. Don’t be shy - go all in and transform your bedroom to an oasis you’ll die to go back to.


The Clarion Pillow Stack – yes, it’s just what it sounds like! But it’s not just about the amount of pillows. Play with different sizes and shapes, and test different texture on the fabrics. With many pillows on the bed, you can elevate the look by layering duvets, bedspreads and blankets. Build many layers to get that fluffy and luxurious impression.

Clarion Hotel The Hub Säng

Here’s a really wonderful example from Clarion Hotel The Hub, right in the city centre of Oslo.

Which one is your favourite?