Welcome to a unique spa experience in a relaxing, harmonious and Japanese environment. Yasuragi awaits you at the edge of the pine forest, by the sea just outside Stockholm. Read about the experience it is to stay here, and see photos of the spa hotel.

Yasuragi – the place you’ve been longing for

For 20 years, Yasuragi has been a place that people seek out when they want to let go of the daily grind for a while and simply relax. Throughout these 20 years, the Japanese bath has been a cornerstone in the Yasuragi concept – and it will certainly continue to be.

One part of the Japanese bath.

New experiences inspired by Japan

The journey towards the new Yasuragi started with a trip to Japan to gather inspiration. The journey finished on 1st January 2018 when the hotel reopened after months of renovation. The refurbishment has given Yasuragi a new welcome area as well as new bathing and relaxation experiences to offer guests.

As before, you begin your bathing experience with a Japanese cleansing. After that, you have many options to choose from. Does a carbonic bath sound tempting? Or a relaxing bath in our warm springs with a view of the mountain upon which Yasuragi is built? Perhaps you like the idea of a sleep sauna that is kept at a pleasant 43°C? Or a Japanese footbath? It’s hard to see how you wouldn’t be able to relax while visiting Yasuragi and its Japanese bath.


Although the hotel’s appearance might be different, not everything has changed. For example, the much-loved yukata are still around, as are the bathing costumes and slippers that you get when checking in. A Yukata is a Japanese-style cotton gown that you wear during your stay at the spa – even when visiting the restaurant.

The idea behind all these identical yukata and bathing costumes is to create a sense of uniformity so that guests can more easily relax and focus only on enjoyment.

Vegan restaurant

On top of the Japanese bathhouse, relaxation spaces and the welcome space, Yasuragi also has a vegan restaurant called Saishoku, a name that means, fittingly enough, “eater of vegetables” in Japanese. Inside the restaurant, you will find 40 places and a menu that consists of raw food and vegan dishes. The restaurant is connected to the bathhouse and the idea is that it should be easy for guests at Yasuragi to slip over to the restaurant in order to experience something extra during their stay. The À la Carte restaurant and Teppanyaki Kiri are still available, but with new décor.

Restaurant Saishoku Yasuragi_16_9

Yasuragi places a lot of emphasis on sustainability. That’s why the dishes served are based on locally sourced and seasonal produce.

A visual tour of Yasuragi




Japanase bath at Yasuragi_1_1

Yasuragi: Japanese outdoor pools

Sauna at Yasuragi_16_9

Standard room at Yasuragi_16_9

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