In 2020 you will be able to go to the Copenhagen Tivoli, sit on one of the rides and enjoy the view of your new home for the night: our new hotel Villa Copenhagen.

The bridge by Villa Copenhagen

In 2020, Villa Copenhagen will be opening in what was previously Denmark's central post office, close to Copenhagen Central Station and the famous and fabulous Tivoli. Villa Copenhagen will be a modern meeting place in the heart of culture, food, business and shopping in the Danish capital. The hotel will have 390 hotel rooms and suites, a gym and relaxation area with pool, a restaurant and bar as well as modern conference facilities.

Illustration of Villa CopenhagenThis is how Villa Copenhagen will look when it is finished in 2020

Restaurant at Villa CopenhagenHave a delicious drink in the bar

Seating in the restaurant at Villa CopenhagenEat a meal and sit back on the sofa – without moving an inch

Sustainable luxury

Villa Copenhagen's philosophy is "sustainable luxury". Our beautiful green world is taken into account when it comes to cleaning, food and plastic use. Villa Copenhagen wants to rethink hotels, luxury and service, and therefore offer something more than just service bells and bellboys in stiff hats. The service will be casual and tailored to each guest.

Tables in the restaurant at Villa CopenhagenHere you can sit with your travel companions and plan your next outing over a delicious dinner

Conference hall at Villa CopenhagenArrange your next meeting and conference in the flexible rooms at Villa Copenhagen

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The bridge by Villa Copenhagen

Facts about Villa Copenhagen

  • Opening in 2020
  • 390 hotel rooms and suites
  • 30,000 square metre hotel with restaurants and a bar, a fitness room, relaxation area with pool, conference facilities and much more
  • Villa Copenhagen is located in the old post office, completed in 1912
  • The hotel will be part of the freestanding hotel chain Nordic Hotels & Resorts