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Quality Hotel™

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Quality Hotel™ – for meetings that matter

Meetings matter here. Meetings between two colleagues who inspire each other to create brilliant new ideas. Meetings between a big group of co-workers who suddenly share the same vision. We care about moments like these – moments that matter.

At Quality Hotel™, every employee’s personality is allowed to shine, and that is reflected in everything we do. We go the extra mile, so that you can sit back, enjoying quality time spent together and relishing those little moments that make up daily life – those moments that really matter. Our 60+ hotels across the Nordics are all unique, but they all share a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere and personal service that’ll exceed all your expectations. That’s what turns a visit to one of our hotels into a unique experience. Your success is our success. Our goal is for you to shine like a star after a successful event here with us – regardless of how big or small the event may have been! Your guests are our guests, and we promise we’ll do everything we can to ensure that you leave us with incredible memories and unique experiences to be cherished.

Playful meetings

A conference without laughter is a conference without memories. We believe that your overall experience is enhanced by exciting social activities and pleasant moments spent together. Go ahead and challenge your colleagues to a game of shuffleboard? Or engage in some interesting conversations with FuelBox? We have plenty of fun games and activities for you to try here at the hotel!

Serious fun during break times

Do you have fond memories of filling your face with ice cream as a child? Or perhaps you recall the thrill of listening to a popcorn machine, waiting for that next POP? Well, that pretty much sums up what our conference guests have to look forward to here with us. They’ll be able to help themselves to unlimited soft scoop ice cream and popcorn for some serious fun during break times!

Is there room for everyone?

Absolutely! Just share your wishes for the event, and we’ll define the agenda and framework of how to make it happen, no matter how big or small. We have both meeting rooms and spaces to suit all kinds of events at Quality Hotel™ across Norway and Sweden. Go ahead, ask the questions and we’ll provide the answers.

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56 hotels match your search
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