All our hotels have a limited number of standard and/or superior rooms reserved for those who want to make a reservation using bonus points. Even if all these bonus rooms are booked, the hotel can offer vacant rooms at the normal price. We always recommend that you book a bonus room well in advance, especially when it comes to popular destinations such as big cities.

Here`s what to do:

1. Make sure you are logged in to our website or app. You can find the login at the upper right corner of the main menu.

2. Do a normal search with the destination, date, and number of people.

3. Above the list of results with hotels, there is a drop-down list where you can change the type of price. A little lower on the list, you will see the option of paying by using bonus points. When you click there, the list will be filtered according to what hotels have vacancies for bonus reservations on your chosen dates.

4. Choose a hotel and proceed with your reservation as usual.

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