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Enjoy the best restaurants in Stockholm. Have a dip in the Oslo Fjord. Relax tired muscles in a sauna in Helsinki. Discover Danish design in Copenhagen. We'll help you to experience all that the Nordics have to offer!

A mix of colorful images from different places in the Nordics.

Nordic destinations

From bustling city centres to beautiful fjords

You needn't travel far to experience fabulous new places. Let us help you find your next adventure! Which destination tempts you most?


Across the Nordics

A group of friends having fun before outside of a sauna in Helsinki.


Sauna session in Finland

Mother and son riding a carousel at amusement park Bakken, in Copenhagen.

Visit Bakken

Amazing amusement park

Friends walking down the streets in Stockholm


All you can do in 24h


Joy is experiencing something new in a well-known destination or something well-known in a new destination! Your next paradise may be just around the corner?

Take me to more moments - big and small!

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Magical sunsets, rugged mountains, sunny beaches or beautiful rooftops - what do you want your view to be?

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