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Copenhagen: 13 - 21 August 2022

Copenhagen Pride Week is finally back, and resumes its annual celebration in August. This is a unique week that celebrates diversity, community and love - regardless of sexual orientation.

What's on during Copenhagen Pride Week 2022?

Denmark's main Pride event is a colourful festival that takes place in central Copenhagen every August.

During the course of the week, there are free concerts every evening, as well as debates, pop-up shops and lots of joy, love and happy people dressed in all colours of the rainbow. The week ends with what many people regard as the main event - the Pride Parade.

When is the Copenhagen Pride Parade?
Satuday 21 August 2022

Where can i see the Pride Parade?
The Pride Parade will move through central parts of Copenhagen. Starting from Frederiksberg Rådhus, it is expected to pass the Copenhagen City Hall and continue through Allegade, Frederiksberg Allé, Vesterbrogade and Hammerichsgade, and eventually end up in the Studiestræde area. 

Is there any fun to be had?
Of course there is! During the course of the week, there will be numerous exciting events that focused on diversity, equality and queer love - stay tuned to see the program for this year's Pride celebration.


In 2019, there were an incredible 30 000 participants and 300 000 onlookers to the Copenhagen Pride Parade. This is an experience not to be missed!


Throwback to Copenhagen Pride Parade 2018

View photos of this amazing celebration!

The Copenhagen Pride Parade on 18 August 2018 was a huge success! The streets were filled with love, joy and important messages!

See the pics here

Strong voices in the Pride movement

Be inspired by people who are fighting for everyone's equal rights and opportunities every day!

Aurora's story

Aurora was always a woman!

Read about Aurora, who always knew she was not a man, but rather a woman living in a man's body for 25 years before she was finally allowed to be herself. Aurora gives you her dos & don'ts of what to say - or not say - to transgendered people. 

Read Aurora's story
When dad comes out

Carolin's father came out late in life: "I'm so proud of him!"

What happens when life doesn't quite turn out like you would have chosen yourself? What happpens when your family is divided and one of your parents suddenly comes out? For Carolin Solskär (27) from Sweden, this was a turbulent time in her life, but eventually led to some important conversations that provided answers to many of her questions.

Carolin's story & advice
How to be a supportive parent

Proud parents: "It's so important with good role models”

We met up with a charity that supports parents of LGBT children - Stolta föräldrar till HBTQ-barn (Proud parents of LGBTQ children) - and we got some great tips from parents whose families have gone through their own "coming out" processes.

Read about the initiative
Why we support Pride

Petter A. Stordalen about Strawberry and Pride: "To us, diversity means a better culture"

Read the interview here
All you need to know about Pride!

Find out everything about this colourful celebration of love and diversity here.

Find out more

Pride & Strawberry

Strawberry - Proud partner of Pride

Need a place to stay?

Hotels in Copenhagen

Looking for somewhere to stay during Copenhagen Pride? Then look no further! We have several hotels in Copenhagen - simply choose your favourite and book today! Can't get enough of Pride, and want to experience the celebrations in other cities across the Nordics as well? How about booking one of our hotels in Norway, Sweden or Finland while you're at it?

Hotels in Copenhagen
Room for all

Strawberry – Proud sponsor of Pride

We care deeply about diversity, and work hard to promote equal rights and opportunities. That's why we are so delighted to sponsor Pride across the Nordics!

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