Modern interior at restaurant Courtyard at Villa Copenhagen.

Popular restaurants and bars in Copenhagen

Innovation, seasonality, and organic ingredients epitomise Danish food culture, with Copenhagen leading the way. Whether you're a street food aficionado, Michelin-star seeker, or somewhere in between, the city offers an array of dining options to tantalise your taste buds.

A gastronomic paradise

Copenhagen is the perfect destination for those looking for a true food adventure. Embark on a culinary odyssey, where street food corners, world-renowned fine dining restaurants, and unique wine and cocktail bars such as Courtyard or T37 await. Of course, you will also find Danish classics such as "smørrebrød", fried pork, and flaky pastries that melt in your mouth. In Copenhagen, the gastronomic options are endless, offering something for everyone in this paradise of flavours.

A forward-thinking restaurant scene

Copenhagen's culinary scene is renowned for its sustainable food philosophy. Food creators prioritise locally grown crops, organic produce, and seasonal menus. This approach allows you to enjoy both Danish classics and international cuisine with a clear conscience. Innovative concepts that encourage restaurant guests to participate in sustainability work can also be found, such as at Kontrast restaurant.

Indulge in bread and pastries

Copenhagen is a sweet tooth's paradise, with bread and pastries playing a significant role in Danish food culture. You don't have to walk far before you smell freshly baked bread, fresh pastries, or delicious cinnamon rolls. Start your day with Danish rye bread, or take a break from your food adventure at Reffen or Torvehallerne for some sweet treats at Rug. Welcome to Copenhagen – the city caters to all possible needs, tastes, and situations, welcoming you with open arms.


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